MKE Week 2 – Why Not?

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Why Not? “Do It Now” … That was the question running through my mind as I became the objective observer during Week 2 of my Master Key Experience. Time after time, while interacting with others this week I found myself questioning (in my own mind) their excuses for not simply doing said task now. It was a noticeable shift in my own thinking that I was recognizing. “DO IT NOW”, “DO IT NOW” “DO IT NOW” along with that question “Why Not?” kept playing over and over in my head. I found myself moving easily from one task to the next… checking off items on my “To Do” list. All the while taking note of how other resisted the tasks set before them.

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  • Yes, Doreen, this is exactly what Mark said would happen, if you have been faithful in doing the exercises. What’s now becoming easy for you, is still difficult for some of the less faithful. Great blog! 🙂

  • They don’t know what they don’t know. Tell them. Being the objective observer also means without judgment.

  • Doreen, This is a GREAT read!! Thank you for sharing this!! I am soooo good at passing the buck for another time, or I’ll do it later, and then we hit the ‘Do it Now’ and a week later, I’m picking up random things here and there and putting them away. I’m picking up garbage out front the house, as it is just going to get worse if I leave it…the most random acts of the mind, all of a sudden taking charge, and getting all those little or big things, done. First Time, and without a task to get it done. I Have even found the kitchen spotless a few more times lol All of a sudden the dishes are done and I didn’t even realize I started them.

  • Feels great doesn’t it Doreen, “I found myself moving easily from one task to the next… checking off items on my “To Do” list.”

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