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Well….for my chore promise, I chose to clean out my craft closet. I figured I had it pretty much under control, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to complete it quickly. WRONG!!! Once I got in there, it was WAAAAAY bigger a project than I thought. Old patterning came up – “You bit off more than you can chew AGAIN!” I appreciated its oresence and the opportunity it afforded me to not get plugged in and shrug it off.

It took a few hours between last night and this afternoon, but it’s complete now. I’ve uncovered treasures – even a Mac Superdrive for my old Macbook Air – and some unfinished projects that I can now complete.

All in all, a great experience! Thank you M&D for creating it.

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  • Bravo MJ! Congrats on keeping your promise and celebrating. I can so relate to what you shared “biting off more than I can chew”…it’s a victory to recognize that thought. Thanks for your shares in the Harmony tribe polo. Appreciate you!

  • Wow, Mary! That is an accomplishment that definitely needs to be celebrated. If you can do that, then you are well on your way to Master You. Great job. Congratulations!

  • Way to go, Mary, on those amazing finds! We really don’t realize the disarray until we begin to analyze. Congratulations of making this very important discovery.

  • Hey, Mary! One chore done and more to go! Isn’t that funny when you start a project like that, you soon find more things that you want to do, should do, or don’t want to do, but their still there for you to do. 🙂

  • Hi Mary, What an undertaking and also what an accomplishment. You must feel amazing. That’s getting it done.

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