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Two things happened today 10/01/2023, that have everything to do with MKE.

First I have chores that I want to get done before the snow flies and most before Monday. I got 2 hours of sleep when I woke up at 11 p.m., my mind was ready to hit the floor running to start my day but my eyes felt like they were glued shut.

I lay in bed until 3:30 a.m. with no more sleep and went back to bed at 5 am.

I was talking to my husband about how I really wanted to get things done outside, but I had this and that, I also needed to do for MKE. I was so tired I don’t feel like doing anything and it was already past 1 p.m.

My subconscious mind was doing its best to control me and
telling me to be lazy.

I said no I am going outside and I will come back in the house for lunch and do my reading and sitting before going back out and at dinner, I’ll quit for the day even if I don’t get it all done and after dinner, I will do the MKE stuff.

The second thing I did that I usually do not do was to write down things I wanted to get done tomorrow. I am not someone who does this, but I found myself doing it.

When I saw what we were to do for requirements I was in awe that I did things that we are told to do for MKE. I just have to rewrite it on the index cards.

It’s cool that I did things even when my subconscious mind was telling me not to do them. I enjoyed the fact I took control!

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  • I like writing down the task that needs to be done and look at it daily so to reinforce it. I used to write things down on my phone but writing it down on paper (index cards) has a more powerful effect. Since I’m on vacation, I wanted to do chores around the house, instead I ended up cleaning my iphone (getting rid of multiple photos, text messages and email messages that are obsolete…basically updating too. This in an incredible ritual that everyone can benefit from! Now on to further revising my DMP with the PPN.

  • Dirk that is for sure there is always something to get distracted by. Great feeling to keep control.

  • I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I experienced and observed the same emotions and constant challenges while I took the course. Now these simple exercises are a part of my life and are a eternal part of my continual growth. You’re definitely on the right track to the success that you are envisioning for yourself. Keep up the good work 😉

  • Way to go Wanda! It feels good to do the things we need to do despite the old blueprint giving us excuses. Good blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Wanda…so awesome to hear you application to the work. I love how you moved through, even when you were hearing your subconscious mind saying something else! such great awareness and thank you xoxo

  • Congrats on overcoming Subby! and at the same time you’re telling yourself that you DO get things done that you say you will do. In other words, you are always keeping your promises! Bravo.

  • Hey Wanda, thank you for sharing this. I know this is not your first MKE Rodeo, so I really appreciate the insight you bring to the group. (It is my first, so I learn a lot from the information you share.)

  • love that you did this Wanda – looking forward to your next week’s post “)

  • I love this… I like to write things I need to get done, it alleviates my anxiety, like it’s been taken from the worry part of my brain and now it will happen, so it’s moved to the action part of my brain. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Wanda, Good job getting things in writing for the next day. Celebrate the wins for the day.

  • Way to go Wanda! Fantastic job taking control. Thanks for sharing your “index card” experience.

  • Hey Wanda, I really understand what you are talking about. Years, no DECADES of bad habits, and here we are trying to rewrite how we live our lives. That subconscious mind feels like some of my old friends from back in school, always trying to get us to “go have some fun” with them. It is hard to say no to them, but you always feel better once you do. Keep it up!

  • Welcome to MKE 2022 – I’m looking forward to following your journey. Week 2 done!! Awesome in taking control.

  • Congratulations, Wanda, on taking control of your life and your habits. It all becomes effortless with practice. Nice blog!

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