MKE Week 2 – To Commit or Not to Commit…That is the Question.

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Do you also find that your subconscious is trying to hold you back? Do you find that you may take part in the processes, but you are holding yourself back? Does feeling overwhelmed act as your excuse? Do you have all these other to do items which seem to be urgent and important in your life but aren’t really?

The first week I was doing the exercises but not being enthusiastic. I kept thinking I have time to do this as we are only in week one and it is all right to go through the motions at this time. So, was I doing the homework, yes. Could I have done it better, definitely yes. What was holding me back? At times distractions i.e., being away to visit my 90-year-old father-in-law who lives 6 hours away from here, Netflix, housework, etc. but ultimately, I was holding myself back.

I would get little glimpses of manifestation telling me I was on the right track. For example, when I signed up and paid for my scholarship withing 15 seconds I had my friend, who had been telling me for many, many years, about the MasterKey System send me a FB messenger text. Or meeting a person that could really help me with something very important to me and I even thanked the Universe in my car for meeting this person who seemed like heaven set. However, right after that I started having doubts. Or finding a free side table at the side of street. On Sunday night I was thinking I need a new side table for downstairs so this way I can take the one I already have upstairs into my youngest one’s bedroom.

I am getting these results without even putting all my mental and physical energy towards doing all these exercises. I have been asking the Universe for years for help with finding the path to success and manifestation of all my dreams. Why did I sign up for this course? There was one outcome above all else I wanted. I wanted this wish of mine to happen to show me that this can succeed so why am I sabotaging the process. Things are happening, just not exactly how I want…I am holding too tight. I am looking at the method instead of the intention…just in that sentence I feel I started having a fundamental shift. This is step one.

So, to go back to the title of this posting, to commit or not to commit. What is holding me back? If I fail again, then I have an excuse. What if I don’t fail? What if this all succeeds and I get everything I want and hope for? So, in a sense this posting is required homework but at the same time it is a good opportunity for me to go through some self-searching and see what it will take for me to commit 100% and move forward.

Do my homework as Mark, Davene and the team is teaching and just let go. HAVE FAITH! Let the process take care of itself. I like to control most things in my life, so this is a time in my life I need to let go and let things happen. What I have done hasn’t succeeded so far so what do I have to lose? Nothing to lose…Someone said either you are climbing up or sliding backwards. So, start climbing!

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  • There are all kinds of reasons that tell you to quit, but all you need is ONE good reason to go for it!

  • You are climbing, Suzette. Look at the “wins” you’ve shared. Sure, the rain comes and makes climbing slippery but you’ll see the sun drying your path as you continue forward. You’ve got this!

  • True Suzette. Giving it your all might surprise you even more. Climb that mountain joyfully and with enthusiasm daily. See you at the top of that mountain.

  • Great observations! And your not alone! Sometimes I wonder if I am more afraid to succeed than to fail, because that would mean venturing into the unknown and unfamiliar. Way to go to keep pushing through, and you’re already seeing some results!

  • enjoy the climbing towards the success you really want .
    You’re on the way !

  • Suzette, Take the Leap of Faith and the universe as you have already experience shall catch up!

  • Thank you, Suzette, for very transparent blog. It’s great recognition and realization of your old blueprint pulling/dragging you back but you have also recognize the power of moving forward with faith! That’s right, trust the process and keep on going! You will be amazed at how effortlessly you are going to manifest your dreams.

  • There is no such thing as coincidence, Suzette. You are exactly where you should be. Press on with courage and faith. Climb that mountain with joy!

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