MKE Week 2 – Things We Are Told When Younger

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I have been seeing blue rectangles everywhere. It’s like when you really want or have purchased something you start noticing it everywhere, or is that just me?

When Mark J had asked us to write our PPNs with our non-dominate hand it brought up a memory of when I started school in the first grade. At that age I was writing my ABCs and other things with both hands until I was told by the teacher to use only my right hand. I had an extremely hard time writing with my non-dominate hand now, maybe something to practice on?

The PPNs I had selected was Spiritual Growth and Liberty. I have made a habit since January 2022 of reading the Bible every morning when I wake. There is something in my heart that is leading towards Spiritual Growth that I am unable to put into words. Therefore, I am still trying to find a way to put It into my DMP.

Sacrifices, what is keeping me from not achieving my DMP? This is an area I am still trying to figure it out to add into my DMP. It seems there is a lot of bad habits that I still need to replace with good habits. I know I will get there.

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  • You will get there Phil, It will come in time and so will a fantastic DMP that is written by you, for you.

  • Wow! Imagine if you had an encouraging teacher instead of what you could have accomplished. Great post. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Kudos for immersing yourself into the process, Phil! What is holding you back from achieving your dreams — this is your sacrifice.

  • Great job Phil! More cement went on when you had to write with your right hand. One chip at a time and maybe start writing again with your left. To bliss!

  • That is what happened, we are told how to live from the time we were born. Now its time to take control and do as you see fit.

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