MKE Week 2 – The Place of Rest is Within

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As I do the lessons of an Hannel and read this first scroll as instructed I find myself being able to go deeper and deeper to allow myself to relax from the world without and connect with the world within. it seems as if I have more humility and compassion four others around me. Reading the blueprint and doing as instructed has somehow give me a since of well being and a type of boldness and cockiness I cannot explain. As I go deeper and deeper and count back from 100 to 1 it seems as though I’m able to visualize much greater and ask for a guide or help from the other side as though the visualization is so vivid

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  • great Edmonton that you’re having more humility and compassion for those around you.
    I’m so glad for you that you’re going deeper and deeper and relaxing into the world within

  • Developing from the inside-out seems to be the key to our becoming.
    Great perception Edmondton!

  • Way to embrace that process Edmondton. Keep up the great work and see what you can accomplish.

  • That is strange. Where you find more compassion I am calling people out who are being hurtful. Not engaging mind you which I may have done in the past. I do think I am able to stay more level headed and see people for who they really are. I cant wait to see how we grow together. Great to have you on our team.

  • Congratulations, Edmondton, you are embracing your true nature! How does that feel?

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