MKE Week 2 – Steps of Freedom

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I am called. I am chosen. I am needed.

I know these things to be true. They are among the 2 thousand thoughts pinging my conscious mind daily. However, through the MKE class I am rapidly learning that I have yet to experience the fullness of that calling because I’ve been looking at it backwards! What a huge relief! I thought there was something terribly wrong with me.

I’ve seen so many people thrive in my business, and I believe I can too. I’ve achieved a measure of accomplishment in the last 10 years, but it seems that I’ve hit a rock-hard ceiling. Even the phone suddenly feels like a huge brick! It’s a good thing I’m so stubborn because I simply refuse to give up. And yet, the harder I try, it seems that my feet are walking through quickly hardening cement. It should be getting easier and yet the next step has often seemed beyond reach.

Being in this class gives me hope that I can break out of the old mold of unbelief and unlock a confident expectation going forward. I can create new ideas and intentions in my subconscious mind that will develop a bridge to my conscious mind. I can be free from my trappings and tread where my dreams will take me. I once again have hope that I will be all that I am meant to be in this life.

Mark said something today that is a balm to my soul; “You know how to get what you want. You just don’t know that you know how to get what you want.” I am so ready to learn.

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  • Yes, 3:27 stood out to me this week. “The finite cannot inform the infinte. You are simply to say what you desire, not how you obtain it.”

  • Your paragraph of affirmations is eloquent. Choose those words as part of your 2000 thoughts, over and over and the others that do not serve you will be buried in the quick-hardening cement, as you walk splendidly in the grass.

  • Hi Teresa, The MKE is working for you. You have already recognized some cement that needs to be removed. You are doing the work to overcome negative areas in your life.

  • Beautiful blog Teresa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences so far. Keep up the great work.

  • I love your share in this blog Teresa. And, i may add that I can identify with your words in a deep way. Thank you for sharing this as it is helpful to hear the break throughs. xoxo

  • celebrating you and your 2nd MKE week for 2022 – so glad that you heard that balm for your soul

  • Bravo Teresa! You are being the Objective Observer of your thoughts…wow what a valuable skill to develop and apply to our daily lives. Congrats on embracing your unique Journey, step by step! Cheering you on! =)

  • I can tell by the smile on your face that you are headed in the right direction. Great second blog post, Teresa Rose! 🙂

  • You write beautifully, Teresa. It’s never too late to find our true calling/purpose. Just believe and do the work as Mark said. Thank you.

  • Teresa, Now that you know, it’s just a matter of knowing that you really do know. Love the play on words. Keep it up!!

  • Nice Miss Teresa, I am glad you are on your way to finding out what you know you don’t know.

  • Congrats Teresa! “I can be free from my trappings and tread where my dreams will take me.” I look forward to the journey!

  • I love this, Teresa! So many great observations – and that quote from Mark IS a comfort! Can’t wait to see more lightbulb moments happen for you!

  • Teresa, isn’t it the coolest thing ever to have such awakenings and realizations? Now that you know that you know, where will you go? Can’t wait to read more!

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