MKE Week 2 – Stepping Up to the Plate

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In the middle of Wyoming at this time of year the seasons are changing, it’s getting colder and the leaves on the trees are getting colorful. It’s an excellent time to be fully committed to the MKE and being back in school and making some personal changes that I’ve had my eyes opened up to. In order to gain more, I need to give more. I need to engage more and participate and be an active player. This is going to be tough, I can feel it stretching me already. Lets’ make it happen!

Meet Rod Kotter

Rod grew up in Logan, Utah, and worked in the plumbing and heating company for five years after graduating high school.  He felt he needed to be more independent, so he built his own portable welding truck and moved to Wyoming.  There, he worked in the oil and natural gas industry for most of his life and enjoyed the challenging projects as they were always something new.  Rod has consistently advocated for natural health and helping people be healthy.  He is building a business from home in the wellness industry and feels he is now at the right place and time with the right products to help more people.  Through the MKE course, he is learning the skills and knowledge to take on business and personal life challenges.  

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  • Great blog Rod! Love the picture you chose. The leaves are starting to change color here in Maryland as well. Perfect timing for us to embrace positive change in our thinking. Bravo for embracing this experience. You have already grown by using Marco Polo- great job!! Way to claim that you are an active player! Cheering you on!!

  • Amazing insights, Ron. Yes, it is going to be tough but it is definitely worth it. Keep up the good work. You are going to see a different you in the end. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes, Rod, you can make it happen. Know you can make the changes just like nature changes every day so can you.

  • You are making it happen Rod, and I am glad to be a part of it and see that growth through your blogs.

  • Be like the trees Rod. They are fully open to all in all their glory. Soon they will close for growth and rejuvenation to blossom in the spring. we are all on this journey to chip off the cement and stand in our glory!

  • Terrific insights, Rod! And I think you already know, as we stretch ourselves, we make those muscles stronger and our mind broader to accept even more. Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you!

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