MKE Week 2 – Smiles and chuckles

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MKE Week 2 – Smiles and chuckles

With the intro week done, the work to a new beginning starts. While I was intentionally looking for blue rectangles this week, I seen a blue bag full of candy sitting on the counter. I had to chuckle when I noticed what type of candies they were … life savers. I know, cheesy right??, is it a sign that this is where I am supposed to be? I will take this type of sign over the ones that Jeff Foxworthy hands out 😊.

Mark J and The Fab D, along with the other coaches, have stressed how important it is to listen to or read all the directions to the end before beginning to take on a specific task. We were asked to write down a chore and promise to have that chore done by Sunday. Well, I really didn’t understand the exercise well enough when I wrote my chore out. I, mistakenly, understood it needed to be a chore that required us to pick away at it every day instead of leaving it to the last minute, as procrastinators seem to do. The replays of the webinars are great, because what I discovered is that I had kind of overcommitted myself, this was an exercise for conditioning subby and not for perseverance. It did cross my mind to adjust my chore when I understood the assignment, but I had already written it down and made the promise to myself to accomplish my chore. I accomplished the whole task by Thursday because after all… I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES.

These are just 2 examples of how things go in my life. I have learned how to smile at the thoughts that make others roll their eyes, and laugh at myself when I make mistakes that don’t hurt others or myself.

Have an awesome week everyone. Keep on smiling, it works.

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  • Great blog Robert, it is so great when you can laugh at some things that you do personally. I myself do the same, I am glad I am not alone! lol

  • I agree Robert, keep on smiling, it does work. For the chore thing, you were not the only one who did what you did. I did it with my very first chore too. It was so big that I did not know if I could finish it on time without having anyone else help me do it. Because it was a big chore, I started on Monday morning and by that afternoon, surprisingly, I was done. What surprised me as well is that I was not as tired as I thought I was going to be. Imagine that. Procrastination was mastered at that point and every time I want to put something off, I remember that chore and promise, and in my mind, “DO IT NOW” repeats itself over and over until I start it then and there. New Habits are formed just because I made a promise to myself and did it even when my mind did not want to. Congratulations on accomplishing that big chore and thanks for sharing it with all of us. Keep up the great work. Amazing job.

  • I am with you on this concept, Robert. How much better would life be if everyone kept smiling? Great blog! Thanks for sharing this insight.

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