MKE Week 2 – Red… Yellow… Red… Yellow… Red… SHUT UP, YELLOW!

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Today, I finally got a distinction as to my internal battle.

My Red — the Shark — drives me to continue pursuing my need for Liberty.
But my Yellow — the Dolphin — is the one that has me fantasizing about my Recognition For Creative Expression.
Nothing wrong with that in the long term.
But in the short term…that’s another matter.

My Red will have me make the phone calls…set up the meetings…and sit down over Zoom or at Starbucks.
(As I did today, for the first time in almost 3 years!).
My Red will have me go back to the grocery store to recruit the cashier with the great attitude, who I met the day before.
But my Yellow will have me be too intimidated to connect with the successful gentleman I met in the local sandwich shop just a few minutes later.

Davene and Lori both helped me see that it really is a choice.
I need to make a choice which Color shows up. And if it’s the one that doesn’t work for my intention?
Simply re-choice and choose the other.

And that actually showed up today.
I met with a hungry, eager Lyft driver who gave me a ride on Friday.
He’s got a great attitude and a great story.

I asked him a few questions and let him do most of the talking…letting his share dictate which direction I was going to take the conversation.
After I got all the information I needed, I painted a massive vision of the future.
One, that was probably too big and too much for his tired brain. (He admitted that, working 8 to 10 hour days seven days a week was turning his mind to mush.) But he is open to furthering the conversation.

When he left, his chair was empty.
A young woman — still a student at the University of Toronto — promptly situation herself down.

And this is when my Two Personalities melded masterfully!

My Yellow greeted her in a friendly manner.
Her Red caught my notebook, entitled “Plans For World Domination”.
That started a great conversation.
My Yellow asked her questions about herself.
Her Red showed up in all its glory as she told me about her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

This was when my Red appeared and told her about my business. She was totally enthralled as she immediately got it. I then edified a woman leader in our marketplace and my prospect is very eager to meet her.
I gave her my card and we connected on LinkedIn.

I reached out to this woman leader to see if she would be open to doing a Zoom.
She is leaving tomorrow on a cruise and says she definitely will when she returns.

Unfortunately my Yellow said “Okay!”. (She really is a dynamic woman!).
Had my Red showed up in that moment, I would have reached out to another woman I had in mind to try and arrange for a Zoom sooner.

It’s in moments like these that I need to direct my Red to SHOW UP IN ALL YOUR MASCULINE GLORY!!!!!!!
And tell my Yellow to just shut up and go play somewhere else.

FYI: Despite the apparent similarities, that kid in the photo is not me.

My name is Khush and I approve this message.

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  • “My name is Khush and I approve this message.”
    CONFIDENCE!!! Loving the yellow in your blogging.

  • I love that message. I have similar stories between my blue and red. Thanks for such an entertaining blog. Thank you for allowing your yellow to come out and play.

  • I love your writing style and I immediately thought, so you are ORANGE! LOL I can appreciate your internal struggle and it sounds like your subby is getting reprogrammed! Good job!

  • Being a red/yellow myself, I’m curious where you are headed next. Great second blog post, Khush! 🙂

  • Sounds like you are embracing your colors red and yellow and observing the strength that they offer. Enjoyed your blog, very entertaining.

  • Sounds like you had an awesome day and you are learning more about your colours. You will learn to work with both colours until it is second nature and you will not define which is which.

  • Wow Khush,
    What an awesome blog post! I love that you are seeing both of your colours coming out and really looking to see how to mesh them together well. Great title, it hooked me instantly 🙂 Cannot wait to see next weeks.

  • 😃 Khush loved the ending and I got a good chuckle, glad you approve. The colors work together perfectly, you will see why soon, see you at the top.

  • Oh, the inner tug of war that many of us have experienced countless times. Great share, Khush! Thank you.

  • Thanks for sharing that entertaining story, Yellow Khush! As we have discussed in the past, Mark always says that Red/Yellow is a great combination because you have fun finding success. Stop fighting within yourself and embrace all the goodness that is you.

  • Or (coming from a fellow red-yellow), focus on melding the strengths of both colors to create something even MORE magnificent. It’s not a battle, it’s a marriage of the two. Keep the love and work toward your new life, your new blueprint in play, and they will both quickly jump on board to help with their individual talents! Great blog, Khush. Thanks for sharing!

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