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My personal pivotal needs are Autonomy and Liberty. I realized earlier this year, that I don’t own my house. My house owns me and has put me out to work. Naturally, we all need the comforts of a nice shelter we can call home. The need for Autonomy is a strong deep desire. I want a home that I’m not personally having to grind day in and day out for. How do I accomplish this feat?

The answers came to me in my ‘SITS’. Turn your problem into a business. Business is about solving problems. Own nothing, Control everything. Besides the mortgage and expenses to operate or home, we are debt free this year. The pivot I’ve made is into Real Estate investing. My Master Key coach Wes. asked me ‘what am I willing to sacrifice’?

I’m willing to sacrifice distractions that deviate me from this single objective to autonomy, in the process, I’ll attain Liberty. I’m a senior broker in a financial services company, my wife would like me more involved in that business also. I must tell her. This is a distraction. I love the word Dis traction. I’ll direct people who I come across in life that may be a fit, but, I won’t present or close applications for people as it can be a massive waste of my time.

This last Sunday, my financial services team held an event at a restaurant that I’m a shareholder in (Real Estate). I invited some good friends that would appreciate seeing the restaurant, (Promoting) the Presenter gave a one hour talk about the opportunity. Out of six people, 3 are moving forward in wanting to be a client. All I did was introduce my clientele to my agents and ate good food. (Networking, having fun). Many hands make light work.

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  • Rav, Your blog is amazing. There is nothing better than liberty and justice for all. Keep it up!

  • Kudos on using the “Sit” to your benefit, Rav! Those PPNs sound like oxygen for your soul!

  • Many people these days are investing in small homes so they are able to do more things in life. It’s great that you have made a decision and moving forward on it, congratulations.

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