MKE Week 2 – Looking for Space

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MKE Week 2 – Looking For Space

I’m currently working 4 x 10’s as a “mad” scientist. “Mad” because the Minnesota-based company I work for, has decide to go a different direction after 21 years. So how much longer I’m there remains to be seen.

I’m married with four children spread out over the country. One is still in grad school while all the rest have started their lives as adults. I become a “grampa” in January!

I lost my dad 2 days after this past Christmas. It has been tough getting over the loss because I split my time between my mom’s place (in Minnesota) and where my wife lives in Wisconsin (1.5 hours away). I see reminders of him everywhere at my mom’s and at the cabin we basically finished together. My wife lives at the cabin (on the lake) in quiet solitude (she likes her quiet time with the cats).

During the week when I’m not working, I spend time caring for my mom who is suffering from dementia. If you don’t know, everything can be an argument with a dementia patient (therefore very mentally exhausting). For fun I like to fish and play blackjack. Last year the wife surprised me with Wild season tickets (she bought herself Viking tickets). When you toss in the occasional project (this past summer was an 8 x 12 shed), there has been little time for much else.

So why not sign up for a graduate level course? I’m looking forward to the growth! As John Denver once sang: “I’m looking for space….”

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  • The best utilization of time is in the cultivation of that real estate between the ears. Glad you’re here to do just that. Keep up the work and amaze yourself with the changes you see in you.

  • Great blog, Michael! Hopefully you can find strenght in writing.. works for me all the time, and eventually with this MKMMA alliance you can deal your own cards in the nearby future,,

  • Wow, what a journey you have done the past year, in many ways. And now you are here, on your journey to unfold all the miracles that are within you. And above that, another miracle is on it’s way too, your grand child. I am so happy for you Michael. Life itself is a miracle.

  • Wow! What a year…I applaud you for taking this leap of faith and doing the Master Key Experience. Happy to be along with you on this journey.

  • Great post! It sounds like you have some great memories of your father. You are going to do great here, I know you will be given all that you ask for. I completely changed fields at age 47 and it was terrifying but I’ve grown from it and wouldn’t go back for anything. You’ve got this!!! 🙂

  • Congratulations, Michael, on becoming a “gramma” in January! I wonder if the space you are looking for is right within you. Keep focusing on the MKE process and you will see that space you are looking for!

  • The greatest space you find are the six inches between your ears. Great blog, Michael!

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