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As I read part 2 of the Master Keys, by Hannel and combine it with the reflections of the first scroll of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World, I am struck and excited for what I have learned. I have learned about the two modes of Mental activity. There is amazing truth in these writings, and this is cause for celebration! For, it is what I have learned here that brings me the path to unlock the life I love! What we learn is rather simple, but definitely requires work and commitment and yet the rewards are extraordinary. Let me expand on this. We have two modes of mind, The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Many of us are somewhat aware of this. But this knowledge is often passed over by our busy lives of living in a sea, a matrix or operating which has taught us to stay within the status quo. What is that status quo? It is all about approval of others, listening to others, and following what we have come from because that is how things ought to be done. What we learn here, in short, is that we are subject to our training without much thought. Even if we make a resolution to do differently, we end up falling back into what we are most familiar with and continue the cycle of the life we don’t consciously want. Now, however, we learn that we have been asleep. Now we learn that we can gain access to all we want that is good for ourselves and others through understanding a few things. The conscious mind is thinking mind The subconscious mind is the store house of all we have gathered in life, it is our memories, our bodily functions and a gradian to keep us from harm (and perceived harm) Part 2 of the Master Keys lays out the details, along with the readings of Og Mandino, but here is where celebration has happened for me. I now know, that if I am not pleased with a ‘something’ in my life, that there is a path to changing. It does require effort on my part. And this is the commitment I make in order to change the outcome. When being asleep in awareness, I have learned, that we follow habits. In fact, habits are how we live life. When we are not in awareness, habits get us more of the same, no matter what, this is true. So, if we want a different result, the only way to achieve this is through changing habits. My habits and my thoughts, when repeated and charged with emotions, move from my thinking mind, (where they start), and gradually seep into my subconscious mind. When this happens, I am impressing the subconscious in such a way that I will see results in my life experience. I will feel empowered and strong and confident. I will see the success I am seeking in my outer world, because I have to address my inner world. I now know the pathway to my own liberation from what has imprisoned me, and I celebrate the habits, charged with emotion and I release the judgements, blame and excuses that hold me back. I celebrate!!! I am creating my legacy! How about you?

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I love being in nature, spending time with children, (my granddaughter), and family and friends. I love deep and meaningful conversations that up level life experience. I am the founder of Full Life Wellness LLC and The Resilient Mama Movement. As a mom of 4 (and more) I am keenly aware of the importance of the parenting experience. My passion is to inspire and empower moms, so that she can mentor her children and, the future of our planet, from her overflow in ‘response' to life and stand in here resilience.

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  • You know, Laura, that the habits and commitment to the process bring you the success you seek.

  • Wonderful way to describe your experience, Laura! This is a job from the inside out that helps us eliminate the cement that we have accumulated over time and that allows our lives to obtain the results that we want. It is a process that requires work and dedication, but without a doubt the results are extraordinary.

  • Amen Laura. There is a path to change. You definitely got it. Love this blog and your insights. Keep up the great work.

  • Hi Laura, At first it appears simple to impress the subconscious mind but as you explain in your Blog our habits are the ones that need to be changed. I enjoyed reading your post.

  • Miss Laura, I too am seeking the freedom of my bad habits creating better habits to live the rest of my life. Thank you for asking, see you at the top.

  • Great blog Laura! “Requires work and commitment yet the results are extraordinary.” Looking forward to the journey ahead and the celebration!

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