MKE Week 2 – Leave a Legacy..!?

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Leave a Legacy..!?

What is our main purpose in life? What kind of a Legacy do we want to leave behind after we start on our last Journey?

Everybody is of great influence to someone, even if you say to yourself, well I am not an influencer, like on social media..

It’s like the picture I’ve chosen for this week, one drop of water can create a giant ripple effect that you are not aware off!

That’s also a part of my past, I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, my father was an entrepreneur, selling books door to door. I was the eldest son, I took a lot of responsibility for my brothers and my mother, that’s my blue side, but I have definitely also a red side, and my zodiac sign is Capricorn!

For that reason, I’m also very stubborn. And when I grew up, I had a lot of conflicts. Home life was not a lot of fun for me, sometimes very aggressive, but I knew that I was made for greatness at a young age, for a bigger cause.

In high school a lot of people thought there was something ‘wrong’ with me. I wanted to be independent, like my father was and at 17 years of age, I left school. One thing popped out, and that was my ability to speak more than one language, easily.

When I went in the military I finally escaped my old neighbourhood. There I saw the bigger picture, and I wanted to be of service to others, I had to develop a new me first, and the Royal Navy shifted my paradigm.

As to this day, I’m still developing and reinventing myself, and finding network marketing opened my mind completely for giving even more service to others, so that they can help themselves!

How is that for a Legacy!?

Anthony Duconti

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  • Great post, Anthony! I love how you dare to share your personal story with honesty and simplicity…For sure, the sign of an individual made for greatness!

  • That is a beautiful legacy, Anthony. Thanks for sharing you with everyone because like a drop of water it affects more than you think. Keep up the great work.

  • Great post, Anthony, thanks for sharing. Love the ripple effect and your are right (in my experience) in that we can have no idea who we influence.

  • Yes. I agree, that you can have a ripple effect in others. Love your picture.
    Looking forward to following your journey.

  • Thank you for sharing your blog Anthony! I would say finding myself as the cement gets chipped away the you inside shines brightly and leads others to find their inner gold.

  • “Everybody is of great influence to someone” is well written. Nice Blog, thank you for sharing it, Anthony.

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