MKE Week 2 – I Want to Be the Piano Man

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MKE Week 2 – I want to be the piano man

This week Hannel talks about how the subconscious rules our lives from the inside out and likens it to a person playing the playing beautifully while having a conversation. I love this word picture! I have worked hard for 9 years to be the piano man for my future self. Sticking to these habits like no other and going for it so hard so that I could possibly experience “some” effortlessness. Well, I think I’ve done it! I think I have the piano life. I am making money while I am doing what I feel called and want to do. I have deep connections with people and great things always seem to happen for me. I am so grateful to my past self for putting in that embarrassing work of enthusiasm. I am playing the song of my life all the while feeling content and satisfied. Thank you!

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  • Jason, you are an inspiration and encourager. Let the music of your life play on!!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us Jason. You are the piano man and like you, I too strive to be at that point of effortlessness. I am grateful for your example. Thanks for continually encouraging and inspiring us to give 100%, 100% of the time.

  • Congratulations Jason!!!! – Not necessarily on the things you have accomplished but that you know you are ” The Piano Man ”

    Great Job and it will only get better !!!!!

  • You are inspiring! I hope that patience I must embrace doesn’t make me wait 9 years. But it does seem like you have been in a more comfortable place for awhile. Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent post! You are such an inspiration to see how you’ve been able to get to this point! Thank you for sharing and for continuing to be here for us noobies! So much to look forward to!

  • Jason. You have done it, you are an inspiration. You’ve stuck to the habits and now you find them enjoyable it seems. As explained in Scroll 1 of Og Mandino. The Greatest Sales Man.
    You are the Greatest Salesman.

  • !Jason. great accomplishments so far and more to come Not just the Piano Man but your song through the organ of the Universe! I want to be there for that!

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