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“Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life.”
~ Deborah Day

33.42% White – 27.05% Blue – 21.29% Red – 18.25% Yellow
I am absolutely a WHITE. Reading my Color Code Personality Profile was an enlightening experience. Some things I already knew but there was a lot I didn’t. My driving core motive is definitely peace, I have always been a peacemaker, and I need that feeling of tranquility and comfort.

This is also me:
• I need to feel good
• I need to be given space
• I need to be respected
• And I need to feel kindness and tolerance

This is next item is what holds me back.
“You are great at working in your comfort zone. You want to work at your pace. You’ll come in when you want to come in. You’ll speak when you want to speak. But you will get the job done. You are excellent at jobs or tasks that require solitude. You don’t need somebody else to entertain you, and you certainly don’t want to do the entertaining. You’re not very excited about group processing or doing things as a team as much as you are working alone.

Whites do have problems with motivation and are often masters of procrastination. You are vulnerable to taking the path of least resistance. It is important to set goals and then follow through.”

I am a big procrastinator when things start to push me out of my comfort zone. If a conversation gets difficult or action is on the fringe of my comfort zone, I will avoid, ignore or divert it. This is why I joined the MKE, to purposefully push myself outside of my comfort zone. I have also recently pushed myself into situations and activities that challenge my status quo. It is outside the comfort zone where growth happens and life begins and that’s where my goals and dreams live.

As I keep telling myself daily, “I am brave, I am bold, I am courageous and I can do hard things.”

Words have power, be careful what you say to yourself.

I can do hard things. I will do hard things and I will build the life I want to live.

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  • Isn’t it great, Scott how you can understand yourself better with the Color Code? Your affirmations at the end are powerful and I’ve taken them for myself, too. Thanks for the gift!

  • Fantastic blog Scott! “It is outside the comfort zone where growth happens and life begins and that’s where my goals and dreams live.” That is a powerful insight. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with all of us.

  • Great share Scott; thank you for your willingness to be open. I experience the same discomforts when outside my strike zone and in the book ” The Untethered Soul ” it identifies that that energy springs from a desire to control our outer world, and suggests to relax and release that energy and continue on without any fear of the next moment. I have found relief when I put it in practice.

    Thanks Again for the Post!!!

  • Wow Scott! I am inspired by your post! The Color Code gives us all things to think about. Brave, bold, and courageous. Words do have power.

  • Beautifully stated Scott. Yes, it is outside of our comfort zone where growth happens. We can also apply the Law of Substitution, when we are thinking to procrastinate, then think “Do It Now” 25 times twice a day to replace that thought. Also, as Og Mandino in Scroll 1 says: “My bad habits (procrastination) MUST BE DESTROYED and new furrows prepared for GOOD SEED. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I truly appreciate all the work you are putting in. Keep up the great work.

  • Wow, Scott. This is a powerful share about how the Color Code has helped you know yourself better and how you want to expand your comfort zone. I love the image that MKE uses about the comfort zone–it’s a person surrounded by those traffic safety horses that are easily moveable, even an inch at a time, one or several at a time. And there’s lots of space between them so it feels easier making the small changes you write about. Thanks for MasterMinding here so well!

  • Congratulations, Scott. Self-awareness is a huge key to understanding where you want to go and where your strengths and gifts lie. Can’t wait to see where you decide to go.

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