MKE Week 2 – Good Intentions, Pathways, and Habits

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Have you seen the video where an athlete celebrates success only to have someone win the race? I felt like a celebrated last week and then the universe created a test that kicked my butt.

I was lagging behind in the activities on Sunday. I knew I wasn’t alone, but boy did it hurt me. So I set a plan, an intention, to review the recording on Monday. Tuesday, I woke with the intention to listen to the recording. I was swamped with activities, and Wednesday night was the next opportunity to tackle the recording. I am sure my cohorts are asking, did you write it and make a promise? No, I didn’t. I intended to, and here I was on the road paved with good intentions.

The exercise in class about committing to taking action on daily chores was interesting. It was easier to commit and execute on an often ignored chore. The process and time to be more thoughtful and reflect on readings proved much more challenging. This week I pleaded with my mind to be quiet, my mind had a lot to say to me so it was an uphill battle.

The daily walks, and my commitment to 30 minutes of movement every day, turned out to be a bright spot. I used it as an opportunity to practice my DMP. I am affirming to myself that the new week is better. Last week is in the past, and I am moving forward to develop better habits.

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  • Theo, how grand it is to be honest with ourselves, and so hard as well! I appreciate your idea of reading your DMP during movement. Yes, you are changing habits and the 1st step is awareness, which you have. Go Go Go!

  • Congratulations Theo, keeping focus and doing what is required is a great feeling for sure.

  • Well done Theo! The past is behind you. Hit Reset and start again. Saying your DMP on your walks is a great idea! Use the energy around you to accentuate the enthuuuusiasm!

  • Theo, you did a great job of putting words around the struggle that many of your fellow Adventurers will appreciate because it is SUCH a help to know that others are working through the challenges, too. Love your positive attitude! What an asset to the MasterMind.

  • Congratulations, Theo, on giving yourself grace and realizing the importance of staying on task. Now, you cherish it so much more.

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