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Good habits are the key to all success!

The roller coaster ride is on – The ups are the general feeling of being positive and smiling more knowing that sticking with the process means that the little bits of cement are starting to fall away.
Reading Og – tick; chore done – tick; DMP done again – tick; BPB reading – tick; reading the lesson – tick.

OMG the sit! What is it about sitting still for 15 minutes that everything wants to push against?

So I sit and set a timer for 15 minutes and sit and don’t move despite the fact that suddenly it feels like some insect is crawling up my arm – there isn’t one, but it moves to my face and tickles my nose I am not going to move

– Then I remember that this time I am supposed to be thinking about nothing – I have no idea how that is achieved. I try focussing on my breathing and yes I manage to keep breathing! No luck with nothing! I just manage to convince myself I am thinking of nothing and TWEEEEEET tweet tweet outside the window. I am sure even the birds are laughing.

I cant remember the film where the guy has the devil and the angel on opposite shoulders but it’s a bit like that at the moment – I have moments of being pulled in opposite directions and I know that it is the old blueprint struggling for survival- I know I am kicking it into touch and its not going without a fight.

The good habits are the key to success and I am already creating them – Do it now ….

This year it will be all about my Dharma I know my true purpose and my DMP will focus purely on that – my past DMPs focussed on all sorts of stuff AND my purpose – funny how most of the stuff appeared but not what I am truly here for and that will be the person I wish to become this time.

Roll on Sunday!

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  • Fantastic blog Paul! Persistence pays off! You are on a marvelous and adventurous journey and you are just doing great!

  • Wow, I can feel you sitting there as it seems that the same types of things happen to me this week. Stay still, it is only a tst. Great Job

  • Paul, wow! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I truly appreciate it. Keep up the great work! The journey is just beginning.

  • Love the angel and the devil! It gradually gets easier as each chip of cement falls off. Looking forward to what you create! And roll on Sunday

  • Paul, what amazing progress you’re making in such a short time. It must feel awesome knowing that habits, even simple ones, can be mastered to move you where you want to go. Great blog, Paul!

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