MKE Week 2 – Gaining Clarity

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Gaining Some Clarity………….Though Admittedly Still Feeling Overwhelmed, Yet At The Same Time Everything Starting To Feel A Little Bit Comfortable And Even Kind Of Familiar!! It’s Like My Intuition Is Trying To Tell Me “Hey, Wake Up!! This Is Exactly What ou Are Supposed To Be Doing Right Now!!” Basically I’m Not Worrying About Confusion Or Deadlines Or Anything That Doesn’t Make Me Feel Empowered Or Positive!! It’s Not that I’m Not Trying, On The Contrary, Currently I Am Very Challenged With Some Of This Work!! However, Completing These Tasks, No Matter How Long They Require Of Me Makes Me Feel Empowered and Positive!! So I’m Staying Committed and Seeing It Through, Like Winners Do!! No Matter How Long IT Takes Until I Finish The Course Or Until Mark And The Fab Davine Decide To Peace Me Out!! Still Loving The Daily Readings, Enormously Powerful!! I’ve Never Really Done Anything Like That Before……….Vocally, Spiritually Asserting Myself Reading Aloud For Reps With Feeling & Power!! Very New For Me, Incredibly Empowering!! Still Building Up To The IDGAF If Anyone Can Hear Me Attitude!! I Do Read Within Earshot Of Other People, Just Still A Bit Self-Conscious When Doing So!! Still Playing A Bit Of Catch Up, But The Daily Exercises And Homework Are Starting to Feel Somewhat Normal. Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable I Guess. My Biggest Challenge This Week Was Posting My Blog. Yeah, I Know Right!! What A JackAss!! Something So Simple……..So Much Available Help……….So Many Resources………..I Swore I Read The Instructions!! Again This Is Completely New For Me. First Blog Ever!! So A Bit Of A Learning Curve Is To Be Expected. I Felt Much Like The Story About Columbus Arriving Off Shore, And The Shaman Was The Only One Who Could See The Ships Off Shore. Only After The Native Peoples KEPT LOOKING For A Time Were They Able To Notice The Ripples And Eventually See The Ships…………..So After My Third Helping Of Digital Solutions Week 1 Replay………I Saw The Ships!!!!! Thank You, O Wise Shaman The Fab Davine!! And Thus My Blog Was Posted And A New Habit Started!! Thanks For Pushing My Brain To Grow New Cells, The Cement Up There Is Pretty Thick!! Hope You Enjoyed!! Always Remember That You’re Completely Amazing!! Until Next Week Peace Out!!

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  • Chris, You’re a fantastic person, and now that you see the ships, the going gets easier! Congratulations!!!

  • We’re watching your progress, Chris. Hope that doesn’t make you too self-conscious. LOL 🙂

  • Congratulations, Chris! Doing little things now makes it effortless in the future. You are already seeing glimmers of that now.

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