MKE Week 2 – Focus, Is It Really Possible?

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Focus, is it really possible?

As I start on this journey once again, I keep trying to think of a word that will move me to finish those things needed to be completed by the date prescribed. Two come to mind, DO IT NOW, as we have all been saying this for the last two weeks, and focus. Focus, what a simple yet very complex word.


1. A central point, as of attraction, attention or activity

2. Close attention or concentration

Now, that we have the basic definition we can begin to think about how, where, and when. Well, this is the easy part, where? Is the place you are sitting or standing that needs you to concentrate or focus on the subject at hand? When?

This gets a little harder, when the subject that you are thinking of, reading, working on or has to keep your attention. Finally, how, this is the basic reason that I have chosen once again to allow myself to go through this training once again. I know that I learned very much during the 20-21 group, but something is still not quite right. That I have come to think is my focus. How is talked about each week in the lesson that Haanel has given us through the MKEs.

This involves the sit, the habits, the mantras, and the other little things to help us develop the habits that the subconscious will lead us with as we replace the old blueprint with the new blueprint. My trouble has been in the past thinking that I know how to do something and going forward without reading the directions.

Take this blog post for instance. Some of you may have read the first couple of lines that I tried to post on Thursday. When I revisited the site, I realized that I had not done the post as is prescribed. That left me with just the first paragraph and not all that I wanted to say. So as I start moving toward the third week,

I am being diligent with the ways that will help me to focus more on what is at hand and not what the squirrel that has run across my desk, or my mind. Staying focused on the job at hand is the best way that I can continue to grow into the person I wish to become.

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  • Nice job on recognizing where you are. Week 1 post can still be submitted, and you can write about your paragraph that didn’t get published, haha… now I’m curious what your 1st week was like and your focus of this session. 20-21 was a Covid year, and challenging for all of us, but you are here NOW… Do it NOW.

  • Unlocking the subby to allow change can be difficult but not impossible. Great job in not keeping the door locked.

  • Thank you Paul! There are many squirrels around here so many chances to focus, again. You are on your way to becoming the person you wish to become. Congrats!

  • Great work, Paul, on recognizing what you have done right and what you can do better. Keep yourself laser focused on the habits.

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