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Wow! When you tell yourself over and over every day to wake up enthusiastic and then one day you do! Haha. This morning I found myself reading silently but with so much more gusto, it felt great.

This is my second week in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I’m still overwhelming myself… and adjusting, I know I will settle in soon, I’ve got to get my sleep cycle right.

I’m noticing that habit is setting in, it’s almost like I can’t not read, or is it actually that I can’t not read. At times when my schedule pushes me around a bit, I make sure I get the read in.

I’m really enjoying the stillness when I have more control of my body and mind. I haven’t been able to hold to the 20-30 minutes yet, I sometimes fall asleep, but will continue to practice

I had a chore that I wrote down on my chore index card, and promised that I would clean up the debris from the trimming I did of our fig tree, (when I trimmed the branches, I just didn’t want to pick up the mess, which I usually do), Well, I cleaned it up first day and have been celebrating ever since. Feels wonderful to get something specific off my list. I’ve actually been waiting to put another chore on the card, and no I’m not waiting to get other things done.

It’s just the process of promising to do something and getting it done feels great! It’s like procrastination went out the door and I just did it!

One really cool thing I added to my DMP is this:

“One of my favorite things to do is to walk daily, barefoot in the sand, feeling the health and connection with nature course through me”

Royce Bivens

This is something I’ve given thought to many times, now I will create this reality!

It’s getting late and I feel the need to read!

Be well


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  • It’s always good to be grounded, Royce, and I am at a loss to think of a much better way than walking on the beach with the sand between your toes. Great second blog post, Royce! 🙂

  • Super blog Royce! Glad to hear you are giving yourself grace as you settle in to new habits- it does take repetition, so glad to hear you are embracing the mental exercises with Enthuussiiaasm. =) Stick with the the non-judgmental Objective observer…a precious gift to give yourself.

  • Royce, replacing old habits with new habits as procrastination leaves. Congratulations!

  • Royce, I feel the need to read your next blog. Great job and thanks for that entertaining post. Keep it up, you are doing amazing.

  • Royce, you picked up the fig tree trimmings and celebrated for doing so. You’re “getting” this chore thing quickly! Go Go Go!

  • Hi Royce, Amazing how the promises we make to ourselves can affect us. The more we get them done and celebrate the more we get of the same behavior. Congratulations you are on your way.

  • Great to hear Royce it is a great feeling to do what you put off. See you at the top

  • Congrats Royce on keeping your promises! Enthuuuuuusiasm in everything! And the need to read.

  • Royce, you’re already catching on to the magic. How awesome! This is exactly how it becomes effortless! Thank you so much for sharing this experience.

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