MKE Week 2 – Emotional Ups and Downs

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Dave Yunker
MKE Week 2- Emotional Ups and Downs?

Just when things are going swell, life smacks the smile off your face! Expect the Unexpected is an axiom for this modern world. In my world, complications arise from out of nowhere.

Like the Racoon that ate a hole in my sundeck! Peeved for sure, but also an opportunity to repair and replace in preparation for Winter?

Similarly, the feral cat that tied himself up in my Golf practice net! So tight he couldn’t move! After a cautious release, he won’t be back anytime soon and will leave the wild birds I feed alone!

Let’s not forget the Bear scat in my top field. He’s fattening up on apples from the surrounding orchards for Winter! And so no more Coyotes to bother my cats!

There’s always stuff to bum your day but there’s also another way to look at the Ups and Downs!

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  • So true Dave, no matter what happens in our daily world, it can be seen as good or bad. It is great that you see the good in these situations.

  • thanks for your sharing part of your days Dave- enjoy a great MKE week and may your notice many more of those moments of seeing ‘another way’ 🙂

  • Great ways of looking at things Dave. Love your perspective. Great post! Keep up the great work.

  • Thank you Dave! Life is brimming around you. As you do the MKE steps notice the changes in you and in those around you.

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