MKE Week 2 – Don’t Worry Be Happy

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Before starting MKE I did not have specific “life tools” to allow me to get through my daily work week in “peace”. This week was extremely challenging because what could go wrong with my trucking schedule over the road……did go wrong from weather to scheduling to flat tires to frustrated people. When I read Og, spent my time sitting & going over my weekly MKE note cards, lists and so on I found myself with such an inner peace that I shocked myself & my subby. Every day I looked forward to my MKE & how it is making me feel & changing my actions & reactions. For the first time, I have found that when I go to bed having done my mental & subby prep for the night, I not only sleep better, but I wake up refreshed & ready to crush the day! I listened to Bobby McFerrin’s song….Don’t Worry, Be Happy, all week & it has helped me survive the week with a smile & shout out my daily “DO IT NOW’S!” My voice & my internal voice is getting stronger & more powerful every day. Thanks to this program & Bobby, lol!

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  • Love this Jake! I have already noticed the change in you…. in us. So proud of you! xoxo

  • I love this blog Jake! It is so great that you are finding a way to deal with less than ideal conditions in your life. Those will happen anyway, and if you can react differently, that is awesome! Bobby’s song is a good reminder, and I love that you are using it as a tool.

  • That is so true Jake. Love your post. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. Love this blog.

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