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Hearing the Fab Dav say “Do the Next Right Thing” on the Digital Solutions week 1 replay really hit a cord within me. I am so excited to be on this journey and to be a part of the tribe but some days I am struggling to keep up with the training.

The learning curve of inputting new information, starting new habits and meeting deadlines has been stretching for me these first two weeks. I have been listening to replays trying to grasp “How to do this or that” such as blogging, submitting them, making a gravitar, index cards, Marco Polo and trying to get the “New Habits” into a routine. Some days I felt like I was just going to explode 🙂

So hearing Dav say “Don’t dwell on what not done…Do the Next Right Thing” drained some acquired tension and allowed me to RESET. It reminded me of resetting the GFCI outlet plug in the bathroom after it flips! LOL! So I looked up what the GFCI does and repeating to myself “Do the Next Thing” does the same for me!

The ground fault circuit interrupter (also called residual-current circuit breaker) quickly breaks an electrical circuit with leakage current going straight to ground! Yes siree! That is what it does for me!

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  • Staying grounded is always a good thing. This blog makes my heart sing. Great second blog post, Carla! 🙂

  • Beautiful insights Carla. Keep up the great work and watch your world change. I promise it does happen.

  • Way to go, Carla! It feels like a firehose now. Follow Davene’s sage advice. It all comes together effortlessly.

  • Hi Carla, I enjoyed your post…the information on the GFCI was helpful. Now every GFCI I see will remind me to “Do the next right thing”. Thank you for that wonderful idea.

  • Yippee! Just hit Reset and start from there! Excited to have you on this journey. Thank you.

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