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What a fantastic week of self-discovery. Do it now!!!

I have been challenged and pushed to work with the discovery of my personal pivotal needs, or PPN. What a great concept that when given 8 choices that are all necessary for growth and life, we are to choose 2. As a white personality, the choice of picking just 2 made for a painful sleep. Although Mark J did advise, us that by picking the 2 most important PPNs, you will grow all of them. Thus starts my dilemmas, as which ones are more important or would make the greatest impact.

Then there is the goal of incorporating these 2 PPNs into the definite major purpose. Still working and processing the concepts. I am still working my head around the sacrifice, but I have some better clarity now.

I believe in this process. It will be become self-evident to allow me to grow into the person I always known was in me. I keep learning that even though I am positive person, some of the words I use may not always empower me. I get better with every blog I write, every DMP reworked and sit I get.

And just as you submit your DMP, a moment of clarity arrives and you want to change it but you will wait for a review.


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  • Such great reflections on the week Michael. I am looking forward to reading more in the weeks to come.

  • Hi Michael
    Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Love your comment “And just as you submit your DMP, a moment of clarity arrives and you want to change it but you will wait for a review”

    So glad it’s not just me 🙂

  • Wonderful insights Michael. Keep up the work. The answers do present themselves when it’s time. You’re doing great. Embrace the process, and the results come.

  • Wonderful reflections Michael! Thank you for sharing! I’m sure it also brings clarity to many that is reading about your self discovering journey.

  • Let your PPNs come from within not to make greatest impact but how do they support your DMP? The sacrifice is giving up what you do that keeps you from getting your DMP. It is truly and adventure and welcome.

  • Terrific reflections, Michael! Language does make a huge difference, indeed. And understanding PPNs and a DMP – that’s where the magic is. Great blog!

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