MKE Week 2 – Clarifying What I Want (PPN’s)

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My Personal Pivotal Needs PPNs are Helping Others and Spiritual Growth. I feel so fulfilled when being in service to others. When I am able to see growth and transformation in the lives of those I care about, it really lights me up! The fuel for my work as a therapist is that I get the opportunity to be a catalyst for healing and connection for the teens and families that I work with. My career is way more than a job, it is a calling and something I believe I was born to do.

I changed my second PPN from liberty to spiritual growth because I realized that while financial freedom and economic security are important and obviously desireable needs in my life, the areas of faith and growth in my relationship with God as I understand him light up that flame within in me in a more powerful and emotional way. As I continue to grow in faith, then fear of economic security will leave me. I realize now that as I continue on this dharma/life’s path, that all of the PPNs are being rewarded to me, and the role of PPNs are more to focus my world within on what truly matters to me.

When I wrote down the PPNs with my non-dominant hand and glanced down at them it was an automatic attraction to helping others and spiritual growth. Liberty is a very close third that I circled in my mind as I know that attaining financial success and resources affords me the ability to expand my reach and help more people (by expanding my practice, paying for trainings/school and education, giving back to my church and 12-step organization) and when I am feeling less pressured to husstle all day to pay the bills and make ends meet, then I feel more relaxed and with more time to read spiritual books and attend to spiritual activities. As I write this blog I am made aware that those concepts of time and money may very well be cement and conditioned beliefs that have weighed me down. More will be revealed. I am so blessed and grateful for the MKE inspiring me to really slow down and ask myself that important question, “what do I really want?”

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  • Miss Christina, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Beautiful blog Christina. Yes, answer the question “What do you really want?” You are on the path to that answer. Keep up the great work and see.

  • Wonderful insight — fear vs. faith! Choose the two that resonate most strongly with you, reflect them well in your DMP, and the other five come along for the ride. Win-win!!!

  • Hi Christina, You are doing great. Slowing down and spending time on the question “what do I really want?” Once you ask the subconscious a question, it races to answer your question. Love your post

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