MKE Week 2 – Baby Steps to the Sunlight

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Week two has been a little better. I think my mind has made a tiny little space for good thoughts, still in fear and anxiety, but it’s good to be positive and like myself and participate in my life, start to take charge of it, and it’s helped me to take a step out of the shadows.

I have trauma and PTSD, I dunno if anyone else here suffers from this too, but it’s been challenging not to step back into old thinking. Candy, my guide, has been really helpful in helping me feel more grounded and not to be hard on myself.

It will be really nice to eventually uncover the real me, because I know there is a powerful person in there! Babysteps.

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  • Awe Laura!
    You are the true Magic girl. This is going to be an incredible journey and I’m so excited to share the journey with you. You have the power for all the choices.

  • Baby steps for sure. You are safe and this safe place is where you’re going to grow and develop. Keep up the great work. Candy is an amazing guide.

  • Hi Laura, You are amazing and you are here in the MKE. Just like nature changes around us every day, you can make changes too. Like you said one baby step at a time.

  • There is a time for shadows while we heal and rejuvenate but then the sun comes out and we shine! Babysteps as you chip off the cement and expose the gold buried underneath Looking forward to needing my sunglasses!

  • Wow, Laura. Your baby steps look like giant leaps to me. How awesome that you’re seeing progress. And Candy is a phenomenal guide to help you!! Congratulations on your progress!

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