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My banking issues from last week are taking very little time now, and the emotional stress is gone. Prepping for my mom’s arrival is taking some time but not enough to be a problem. Week two is much smoother than week one.
This week so far has been pretty smooth. I am working on my week two blog on Tuesday. In the past, my blogs were either just on time or late. Working on getting the blog in early is unusual. I have done everything else this week except working on my DMP.

Procrastinating on my DMP is not unusual. This year, I am unsure if one of my PPNs suits me. I circled Freedom and Spiritual Growth. Spiritual Growth is new this year. My immediate reaction was no; this was a mistake, that’s not me. Then I wrote down Freedom and True Health. I then decided to remain faithful to the exercise and give Spiritual Growth a chance. Right now, I am trying to figure out how to fit Spiritual Growth into my DMP.

I have until Thursday to figure it out. I should get at least one revision in with Spiritual Growth. Then I can reassess and either keep it or change it. Maybe somewhere deep down somewhere, this is what I truly want. I don’t see it yet. The journey continues in sometimes places you don’t expect.

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  • I have found it somewhat difficult to know for sure, too. Bounced it off my wife, she said something different. Went with my initial, but seems like could be a toss up. (Expect all will become clear in time…)

  • Glad you’re making it all about the process and giving things a chance. That is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your week’s experiences with us. Great job on posting the blog early.

  • Great questions John.
    It’s a great chance to take this question of your PPN into a sit John 😉
    Personal Pivotal Need … it’s a very deep contemplation. “Who am I, what is my purpose this earth plane?” Have a look at the list again and ‘feel’ it.

  • Well done John on getting things in! The journey can take us places we never expect. Enjoy!

  • Excellent John! Like you, I changed my PPNs. Actually a couple of times. Sit with it and try it in your DMP and see what happens. Great blog!

  • So glad it is all falling into place. Make sure you’ve got those PPNs right. Are they oxygen for your soul? And “freedom” is not one of the choices. hmmm

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