MKE Week 2 – A State of Shock

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I don’t think I’ve ever ben so engaged with a “development programme” as I was last night. And I speak as someone who has been on many programmes. I even stayed for the Mastermind segment at the end-and I’m usually sound asleep by 11 pm.

So many aspects of what we covered struck a chord with me, here are my top three:

As Mark took us through the bridge metaphor, my reaction was “I wouldn’t go across my bridge. Most of the foundations are not in place and I’m not sure where it’s heading”. That did make me laugh.

I got very excited when we went through using the cards. Not sure why, but I know that this approach will make a huge difference to me…watch this space.

However, the part that impacted me massively and I’m still thinking about was the PPN “exercise”. We had just started, and Mark told us not to think about the seven PPNs, so of course I did (must have a word with Mark about those embedded commands) and “decided “on my two, legacy and helping others.

Then we did the exercise.

Crikey!!!(which wasn’t the expletive I actually said but it’s close enough).

I circled two different PPNs, Liberty and True Health.

To say I’m shocked would be a great contender for “Understatement of the Year”.

This does explain why I’ve not pursued the goals I’ve set myself with any great enthusiasm or vigour.

Talk about aiming in the wrong direction.

I am genuinely shocked…in a good way..

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  • Hi Alan, Interesting that you immediately decided on two PPNs but after the exercise, you found your truth, with Liberty and True Health. That’s exciting.

  • Way to go Allan. Mark does have a way of making us think and do the things we need to do. Keep up the great work. I love this blog.

  • Great sharing Allan! Congratulations for the trust in yourself you manifested during this magic PPN exercise, it’s a good omen for what is coming! Believe, as YOU are the bridge 😉

  • Great observations! I was overthinking my PPN’s when it was time to do the exercise and choose as well. Excited to see where your PPN’s take you!

  • Nice to hear Allan, great you are taking it all in and getting something out of it. See you at the top.

  • Fantastic example, Allan! I felt the same about my current bridge. The good thing is we will be a better bridge, one we will gladly walk or drive on.

  • Kudos to you for embracing the process! Now that you are aware of PPNs, reread your DMP and see how they fit. Is what you wrote in the DMP what gives oxygen to your soul or should it be rewritten to reflect the nature of your PPNs or vice versa? hmmmm Sounds like a good thin”k” to take to a “sit”.

  • When you trust the right process, it really opens up some incredible possibilities. Jump on in and explore, Allan, with both feet!!

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