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I realized today that our blog posts on this site are entirely public, to the entire internet and the world — not just to the members of this year’s MKE as I mistakenly assumed. Being a private person, I’m glad I realized this early on, before I “overshared.” I’ll still keep an offline journal for myself, but the official blog posts here will be short and sweet from now on.

“Thought is Energy.” I’ve come to believe this through a variety of COMPLETELY unexplainable coincidences I’ve had happen in my life. One example is when I texted someone to say happy birthday, but they never got it because they got a new phone and changed their number. Mere MINUTES later they texted me from a different phone, out of the blue, wanting to pick up a business transaction that we had mutually abandoned TWO YEARS prior. Them thinking of me triggered me to think of them… or vice-versa, I’m not sure which. There are numerous other examples of this that have helped me believe that there IS an inter-connected energy field radiated by the subconscious that can somehow be transmitted and perceived by others.

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  • I love how you understand the truth that we are all connected, where others might see “coincidences.”

  • Thanks for being vulnerable, Tom, and for embracing the process. The energy you put into it comes back tenfold.

  • Great post Tom.. well you know what they say about coincidence doesn’t exist.. at the end you triggered also his thoughts of thinking about you!

  • Thought is energy, energy is thought. I believe Davene would say you experience “inexplicable” occurrences. Aren’t they intriguing? We are interconnected. I look forward to hearing more of your “coincidences”.

  • Inextricable coincidences are telling you you are on the right path. Great second blog post. Tom! 🙂

  • Tom, I understand wanting to keep some things private. We share so others benefit and possibly grow from within. That of which we hold diminished that which we share grows. Something like that.

  • We are all connected Tom and isn’t it also great to know that not only whilst helping ourselves, especially with MKE, we help others at the same time? ‘Thought is energy’
    Great blog and keep sharing your insights.

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