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What am I doing with my 168 hours every week? What did I give up adding this experience to my life? I gave up some hours with my addiction for TV and reading books. Do I need to give up more?

Yes, if I want to have the life I dream about, that’s written in my DMP, that I share with my granddaughters when they have a few minutes of their 168 hours to share with me. I need to spend many more hours feeding subby with my desires and wants, more hours building the foundation of my new life. My new Blueprint must be very clear and state what I want. I say my intentions now, not the methods I think will work. Using methods has not given me all I really want and need.

It has been many years since I questioned my faith in what I believe. I always know I am possible. Today I am thinking that I am not putting enough mental effort into changing even more. I can’t rely on faith alone to give me my dream life. Work must be put into this effort. No longer should I use the excuse of my health. It’s up to me to get rid of that excuse. Every chance I have subby needs to know my diseases and their effects on my body need to be lessened. I will wake up physically stronger and mentally more alert. Subby will know my earnest, burning desire and demand that I get it.

Right now I am having a hard time doing my homework and the sit at night. By the time I am done with all my readings, I am falling asleep doing the sit! And it is so hard to turn the TV off before I start my homework since I have had one on almost every night of my life for over 60 years.

The habit I am making now is to keep that television off after I read the scroll, the blueprint, the cards, the MasterKey lesson and do my sit. It isn’t happening every night, but it will.

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  • Debby, I am imagining you keeping that television off after you read the scroll, the blueprint, the cards, the MasterKey lesson and do your sit every night

  • Wonderful Debby that you are sharing with your granddaughters, they may appreciate it in later years, if not now.

  • Such great awarenesses, Debby. What a special gift you’re gaining already, the power to SEE!

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