MKWv Week 20 – Feeling good about moving forward

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What a great presentation Mark J did about making the main thing the main thing.

His presentation about the hedgehog and the fox resonated in me. I have been in a business crossroad where the decisions just haven’t been a clear as I normally have. I believe that has been because I just didn’t want to make a wrong decision, which in itself is a decision to not make any decisions.

The matrix of the 5 business needs gave me a clear path to move forward. The guidance and clarity of the comparison was fantastic. Which lead to me in one of my sits thinking about “what are you pretending not to know?” I started laughing because the clarity of the matrix was what I knew all along, I was just looking for the inspiration to make the leap.

Glad I did make the leap as I had a great conversation with a potential client that will move my business in leaps and bounds.

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  • Thanks for sharing your victory so we can all enjoy it with you! I too love the question, “What am I pretending not to know?” Since Davene first asked it in one of the webinars, I have asked myself that many times for a multitude of situations. All that to say, your blog inspired me to go to the next step and TAKE ACTION!

  • Way to go Michael! It’s just wonderful when one’s eyes get clear sighted. What also stood out in your blog was your reflection “I just didn’t want to make a wrong decision, which in itself is a decision to not make any decisions”. A true and important insight!

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