MKE Week 20 – We are NOT our thoughts

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Through the work we’ve done and are doing here, much of our focus is on our thoughts. We are encouraged to substitute one thought for another from time to time. We are encouraged to think thoughts that are in alignment with our DMP.

We program our subconscious mind by linking colors, shapes, and accomplishments together. With all the focus on thinking, it is easy to assume that we are our thoughts.

But we are not our thoughts.

We are SO MUCH MORE than our thoughts!

And I’ll show you how you can prove it!

When you become aware of the runaway train of thoughts (anyone catch the pun?) that often careens through your mind, just say to yourself “Stop!”

What are you aware of? For me, I become aware of the stillness and awareness that lives beneath my thoughts, that peace and stillness that passes all understanding. It passes all understanding, because, to understand something, you have to use thought!

And THAT is who we are. We are the universal consciousness that is free from thought, emotion, judgment, criticism, and so forth.

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  • So let me get this straight. If we are not our thoughts, but through the universal consciousness we are free from thoughts, then how did we get the thought that we were thinking? Just curious!!

  • Yes MJ, we need to keep that runaway train from jumping the tracks. It’s a good thing we know how to do that.

  • Great blog post MJ! When we think we use what we already know. When we just are (the universal consciousness) we get in touch with the infinite source of knowledge and possibilities.

  • Thoughts are part of the ego. The universal consciousness comes through the heart. Be still and know… Thank you.

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