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The Power Within

So excited to read this week’s Hannel. At the end of sections 20-11, Hannel writes:

‘…we shall have found that the “kingdom of heaven” which we are told is “within” us….

“In Him, we live and move and have our being. “He” is a spirit, and again that “He” is Love, so that every time we breathe, we breathe this life, love, and spirit, and ALL of that Life, Love, and Spirit live in US!”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, 20:11, 20-23

I remember way back in 2015, I was in church getting caught up in the excitement of people getting baptized, cheering, worshiping and just celebrating the moment. I remember for the first time really focusing on the thought, “He, (Jesus) is in us.” There are many references to this concept in the Bible.

I have learned over the years, these concepts are the things that people in church (at least in the church groups I have been around), do not like to talk about. In my small groups, ladies’ groups, I tend to be the person that asks the hard and yet the most obvious questions.

Like, if Jesus is in us, does that mean that everywhere we go we are representing Him? Does his light shine through us always? Or does it happen only when we are consciously aware of this? Is His light shining even in our not-so-spiritual moments? Or is He “in us” only when we are feeling spiritual? Are we able to disconnect on demand and/or by choice? Or is he there 24/7 no matter what our emotional/conscious state?

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that just me asking these questions to myself has caused me a deeper connection to the Divine. I have realized that in my best moments and in my worst moments, they, (Yahweh, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit) are all right there with me, in me. Has that realization caused me to respond with a higher degree of integrity? I believe so. Has it revealed my own shortcomings to me sooner, absolutely yes? Luckily, I am drowning in the sea of grace so that no matter all my mistakes and miscalculations, I feel still absolutely LOVED!

Getting back on track here, my joy in reading Hannel is more about what comes next. Not only do I not have anyone in my “spiritual world” who gets my thinking about this “God living in us”, but I am always asking tough questions regarding the miraculous.

Like when Jesus tells his disciples, “You will do more (on this earth) than I have done.” Are we to take this as it was written? Do we read this as if Jesus was talking to us personally? Does anyone else feel the freedom to explore all angles of this situation, as I do?

Personally, I’d like to think that we actually do have the capabilities within us to facilitate healing, walk on water, and even teleport like Peter and the Ethiopian eunuch. I have found that people dislike having these discussions in my circle of friends. Many times, I feel like the discussion will come down to a person not having enough faith and people get defensive about that. Regardless, I have learned not to talk about these things.

What excites me about Hannel, I look forward to chapters 21 and beyond. I am looking forward to what Hannel will encourage us regarding the power of concentration, the power of mental thought, and mental energy, and how we can manifest thoughts into physical reality.

This is my first time going through this Master Key Experience. I do know what to expect; therefore, I excitedly await chapters 21 and beyond.

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  • Glad we could talk about this on polo. So glad that you are my guide! God is so good to me.

  • Teresa, sometimes I feel it is impossible to put words to an experience but I love to keep trying (especially when it is about Father and Yeshua) and especially connect with people like you that understand. Thank you for reading and responding.

  • Maria, I am glad you can relate. Super excited to meet you too. Thank you for reading.

  • Wow, a blog with which I relate, years ago I learned from experience that everyone lives their faith in a different way, my close friends tell me that if I changed my religion and I have received criticism, however, I feel that I am more connected with God. Thanks, Terry for this beautiful reflection. Look forward to meeting you

  • Terri,I really identify with your post! I have been in relationship with Jesus for 50 years now and the Master Key Experience is just deepening my experience and revelation of Him. The word of God has come more alive and even makes more sense to me now. It’s hard to explain this to others who aren’t going through the class. It’s nice to identify with someone who is!

  • Thank you, I will take “open mind” as a compliment. I never really thought about the “Price I have to pay”…. lol. Sacrifice one for the team….., what a price to pay.” LOL.

  • Yes, Let’s. I would love to have a conversation with you sometime. Are you going to be in Kauai in June?

  • Terri, I think most are following the unwritten code of conduct: “You don’t call me on my mediocrity, and I won’t call you on yours.” I wonder about the same things, and take that as a literal expectation and instruction. We are to do greater things… Now, to get there! (That is a part of my daily sits.) Unfortunately, there’s only a minority in the church that has any experience or knowledge of such things. Most have never seen or heard of any miracles, let alone are seeing it demonstrated there, so it is not in their comfort zone. Let’s be ones to expand that!

  • Inspiring blog Terri. I appreciate the questions you are asking us. They have certainly sparked my own thinking. Kudos!

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