MKE Week 20-The Power of the Tide

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Are you breathing right now?

Every time you breathe, you fill your lungs with air and the at the same time, vitalize your body with LIFE itself. Haanel 20.24

Pneuma is a Greek word that translates as Breath. It means a vital spirit, soul or creative force. “It was the breath of God that hovered over the lifeless void, the breath that animated the dark waters with a life it had not yet known.” Genesis 1:2

Pneuma is also a Hebrew word that means the breath, or a blow, primarily denoting the wind. Breath; the spirit which like the wind is invisible, immaterial and powerful. The Hebrew word conveys emotion and experience. What an awesome image of God’s creativity and power. Like an ocean that brings in the tide.

Breath in….breath out. Imagine the immense power of a rushing tide, coming and going out. Imagine life itself filling up your lungs with oxygen and the spirit of the living God within you. Each breath transfers this life force of Oxygen into your blood stream which carries it to each cell of your body. It sustains your very existence. You breath in life and you breath out the essence of life. Your exhalated breath fills the air with rich amounts of Carbon Dioxide, providing sustenance for the plants in your space.

You are a vital part of the Universal life-giving power. In Him you live and move and have your being. This is literal and scientifically exact. That you ARE because He IS, that He is Omnipresent He must be in you. That if He is all in all you must be in Him. That He is Spirit and you are made in His image and likeness. You are part of the whole. God is the author of all things and therefore is the great I AM.
Haanel 20:31

This breath of life is a super conscious reality. It is the essence of the I am. It is pure Being and our conscious unity with it enables us to localize it and thus exercise the powers of this creative energy. Haanel 20:26

With every breath we take, we declare the Power of God within us.

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  • I love the translation you used in both Greek and Hebrew for breath. Thanks for the depth the ancient languages bring. Breath is the life force physically everyone can agree to that. Spiritually it is even more powerful. Thank you for your blog!

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