MKE Week 20 – Swimming the Strokes

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This week I am swimming the strokes to stay afloat.

I tried to control my emotions, remain positive however, the currents of Life hit. I am still in gratitude with my life knowing this too shall pass. I remain movement, knowing all things will work for my good.

I tried to demonstrate acts of kindness through my work, It appeared it was taken for granted. I will continue my positive efforts and focus more on my gratitude for all things.

I Always Keep My Promise.

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  • RAK, grattitude and “this too shall pass” are SO powerful! I’m happy that despite your feelings, you recognize it and understand things will get better! 🙂

  • Random acts of kindness are also kindness to yourself as you know that you are doing Gods work.
    Celebrate your kind actions and enjoy the feelings you receive!!
    I am grateful to know that you are persevering and making a difference LaDonna.

  • Hi LaDonna, your gratefulness and kindness do have a divine purpose.
    May God support and encourage you.

  • Gratitude and kindness, LaDonna, are two qualities that will always help you to “always keep your promises!” 🙂

  • LaDonna – Congrats for continuing to focus on gratitude in the midst of the sometime challenging waves of Life. Great practice in persistence. I encourage you to lean on your MKE community to stay inspired and focused on what you what your Life to be. Cheering you on!

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