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Planning is not a strength of mine yet. I am good at planning a day at work. Looking ahead farther than an eight- or twelve-hour shift has never been a priority. I’ll make travel reservations for flights, lodging, and rental cars. I never really plan what to do when I arrive at my destination.

Often, I don’t have to plan because there is a schedule of things to do, or whomever I am traveling with makes plans. I’m not sure why I don’t plan. Maybe I’m just lazy, or perhaps I can’t figure out what I want to do. The other possibility is that I am just not disciplined enough to follow a plan I write out. Most likely, it is a combination of all of these.

This is a massive problem because with my DMP I am supposed to have a written plan of action. I do not have one yet. I have tried several times to plan out a week ahead. It usually lasts one week, which is the end of the planning until the next time. I am going to start again and not stop after one week.

Mark always says it isn’t true if it isn’t in writing. I will persist, knowing that I cannot follow the plan entirely. I will have made poor time assumptions, and something unplanned will come up, causing me to be unable to follow the procedure. Instead of giving up, I need to persist, knowing my planning will improve. I will keep from trying to fit too much into too little time. I must give up the idea that since I can’t execute the plan flawlessly, it is still better than having no plan.

Here is my plan. On Friday, I plan for the following week. No matter how much I deviated from my plan the next Friday, I will plan the following week. I will learn from the flaws in the schedule each week to learn how to improve my planning.

Instead of giving up because the plans were imperfect, I will persist until it becomes a habit. Eventually, I will become confident in my planning and get my plan of action for my DMP.
The real plan is to persist.

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  • Great job John, you are making a commitment! As Jen says, focus only on what you want, not what you don’t want. And I would encourage you to remove all the ‘will’s’ from this commitment. Just like your DMP, live your commitment to planning in the present, not the future! Just some thoughts:)

  • WPOA and OATS are such powerful tools to focus upon.
    As you persevere with this practice, I’m sure you’ll add in some celebrations of your wins bringing that peace of mind and delight in your new trust in yourself, and your Divine plan that has many surprises in place!
    Go John Go!!

  • I totally agree with Jen, John. Just remember, sir, that focus on things, good or bad, can, through the “Law of Attraction,” make it so. Thanks for your honesty! 🙂

  • Friendly reminder John to only think about and focus on what you want. Only remind your Subby that you do complete your Plan of Action each week, that you are persistent, that your Life is a reflection of your thoughts, your world within. The great news is that as MKE members we have learned that we do have control of these thoughts and can direct them. Cheering you on John as you hold your magnifying glass steady on only what you want. No more giving energy to describing what we didn’t do or had hoped to do. Focus on today and going forward. You got this John.=)

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