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This process through the Master Key Experience has been joyous, fun, interesting, and a bit mysterious as I stretch myself to change things that were habits and thoughts I’ve had for 40+ years. The positive outlook I have on life today vs 6-12 months ago is a night and day difference and this statement does not mean I had a negative view and it changed to a positive view…..

I had a positive view and was excited for where my life was going 12 months ago, but I’ve come to realize that I was a bit blind in that excitement. Things were happening, I felt I had purpose and thought I knew where I was going….but I didn’t. I never really took the time to specifically think about what it is that I want to accomplish, what I want to contribute to this world, who I want to impact. I also have never focused on it day in and day out as I have throughout the Master Key Experience.

Too often while trying to improve our lives and become better versions of ourselves, we tend to hear the same things over and over again. The thing is, that first time, it might not mean anything to you, or you hear it, “understand” it and take it for what it’s worth……but I can’t tell you how often, especially in the past 6 months, that statements I’ve heard 10-20-30 times in the past 3 years have actually ‘HIT’ me, to the point where I took a step back and said “Ah, NOW I get it!”

One of those things was the word enthusiasm. This was the word I was to focus on and find throughout the week. Now our fearless guide has been harping on this word since day one, to be enthusiastic and to do the daily exercises with statements said out loud and with ENTHUSIASM….this was one of those things that took me some time ‘to get it’ and I wonder how much more impactful this experience would be had I started this on day 1.

The beautiful thing is, this life is a journey and learning never stops, so I take the knowledge I have NOW and I apply it TODAY and just continue on this journey to creating a better and better version of myself.

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