MKE Week 20 – How many Falls do I have left?

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Being born in the tropics, the colder seasons have always been close to my heart. My favourite season is fall as it means the air will be cool as well as crisp, the leaves will change colours then fall and the rain will fall more frequently with an energy in the air. Fall means a cleansing of earth and of my soul. For me fall means a new beginning.

How many more falls do I have left to experience? How many more failures will I allow to happen in my life? Anger has been a constant companion throughout my life. I always considered anger a constant companion and friend. It has helped get through so much in life. It has saved my life. Over time anger has been this frenemy where at times I have perceived it is a good and at other times a detriment. Day asked the following questions on Sunday, why am I releasing my power to others? Why was I allowing a person to knock me off my DMP?

Haanel says in 20-12

“Our failures are a result of the operation of exactly the same principle; the principle is unchangeable; its operation is exact, there is no deviation; if we think lack, limitation, discord, we shall find their fruits on every hand; if we think poverty, unhappiness or disease, the thought messengers will carry the summons as readily as any other kind of thought and the result will be just as certain. If we fear a coming calamity, we shall be able to say with Job, “the thing I feared has come upon me”; if we think unkindly or ignorantly we shall thus attract to ourselves the results of our ignorance.”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 20:12

If I think anger, will I not get more anger? If I want more calmness, then shouldn’t I be more calmness?

Fall brings me calmness. When anger appears, think of my favourite season, fall. And remember how much time is left. What do I choose? Give away my power? Or when anger comes, do I envision and substitute my favourite season, fall, and the calmness in brings.

The choice is always mine to make and the power is always mine to take.

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  • I love the amber, deep red colors and crunching of the leaves under my boots of autumn!

  • “Fall brings me calmness. When anger appears, think of my favourite season, fall.” What a brilliant way to associate your favorite season fall to handle anger, Suzette!

  • Wow can I identify with this – it was sadness tho – sadness was my constant companion and as we know from the webby sadness is just anger directed at ourself – mahalo for sharing this is wonderful!

  • I find below my eyes your evolution, the evolving of your you! As all things continue on movement, we too must follow suit if you will….
    I see the fall, that beautiful place that is unmistakable, the scent of nature that is distinct to only the fall season when the leaves change and fall to the earth to begin their cycle of self-recycling into the year that shall follow…

    it’s a season many mistake as an end to something, when in all actuality it’s the most profound beginning of things renewing themselves! That is much like this adventure we are on, it’s a renewing or awakening of oneself!!!

    Ah, the fall changes are now so ever present in my mind…

    Love your blog post, certainly gave me a vision and the ability to connect once again with my senses…
    Thank you..

  • Thanks form sharing your insights with us Suzette. Especially the reminder that we all can benefit from:
    The choice is always mine to make and the power is always mine to take.

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