MKE Week 20 – Fear and My Comfort Zone

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This week really spoke with me. I have a few amazing days in my week – exactly those where I complete my homework first thing, look at my A, and DO IT NOW! I feel amazing once it’s complete and the rest of my day is set up to succeed.

Then one or two days in the week, my comfort zone takes over. A gets replaced by E and F (something that keeps me ‘busy’ but is not where I should be spending my time). The day ends where I’m beating myself up and disappointed in me. Even more so because I know my fears are unfounded and that I’m limiting my own potential.

I am beyond excited to learn how the five words can be used as tools and know to leave yesterday in the past and focus only on the immediate day. I also know to not be so hard on myself; each amazing day is a slight improvement from the one before and it is doing its part to increase my comfort zone. I’m definitely a work in progress and fill focus on my new index cards.

At 49, I’m just over half of my 90 years on this earth. Only 41 more summers here, and even less of those will I be able to enjoy riding my motorcycle on the open road. How many of those beautiful days will I have to spend sitting in front of my desk because I’ve wasted the days before not completing A? And how long will I need to wait to enjoy the summer days because to took me so long to get started??

How powerful.

When will I begin?

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  • Enjoyed your reflection Loriann. It is very easy to fall into your comfort zone. Repeat DO IT NOW and you will find yourself moving forward.

  • Yes, Loriann.. How powerful in deed! And the question, when will I begin? so true…loved reading your refection…thank you

  • Yes, Loriann, and “what will the person I intend to become do next?” Thanks for being the first to submit your Week 20! 🙂

  • I can see you riding your motorcycle with a huge smile on your face, bright sun in the sky, and joy in your heart. You have already begun my friend – keep going!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts so honestly Loriann. Sometimes we need those kind of thoughts to anchor our new selves and ideal life firmly, because we already know the answers. About age: I use to think that we have the first 20 years growing up, and the nextcoming as adult years. I am 65 now, which means I have only lived 45 adult years and I am going to be 100 years or MORE ;-), so I have 35 of my loveliest years, or more, to live and enjoy life. I was at a dance class yesterday, west african dance, and the teacher was 82 years. She told us she couldn’t believe herself that she was that old. Her body and mind was still very young.

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