MKE Week 20 – Better Late than Never

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I’ve been slacking big time. I had plastic surgery on my face a couple of days ago, (which was in my DMP btw!) I chose to do local anesthesia (awake during surgery) because general anesthesia (asleep) would have been an additional $3,000-$5,000. You would not believe how long it took me to write this blog because of the pain meds. Haha. It’s been a vague week.

A few things I’ve been thinking/noticing this week: * Serious growing pains, exerting more effort into not succeeding (which is exhausting) and feeling uncomfortable. Some effort is better than none I
guess. *I put very little effort in this week, HOWEVER, The “week 20” prequel video on the MKE website, the tab that says “Week 19 and Commencement” and the week 20 webinar validated and relieved me beyond belief!! Mark and Davene explained how I felt perfectly, and the solution to the way I feel is this

*I am in control. And noticing that when I tune back in, I straighten my posture, take a breath, relax and concentrate on 1 TASK AT A TIME, and not listen to my attention deficit… It makes my day go much
smoother. Again, when I do the MKE tasks consistently, even though I think its annoying and too much work sometimes, I absolutely get out of it what I put in. The Gal in the Glass is mad at me and I’m gonna step it up!

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  • Hello Laura, The simple fact that you have seen that taking one task at a time produces better results is a huge step forward. Yes, you do get out, what you put in. You are having an amazing journey.

  • I love the reference to the Gal in the Glass here. Way to hold yourself accountable, really shows how much it matters to you 🙂

  • Sounds like a bit of a rough week. Good thing you was prepared for it. I hope everything turned out well for you and you get feeling better.

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