Week Twenty: How do we recognize our power?

We are continuing to learn how to raise our awareness to the achievement of possibilities we didn't previously know existed.

Join us for an adventure in discovering your future self, clarify what you want your life to be - and plan the action to achieve it.

Reflections on Week twenty

Haanel makes a bold statement in Lesson 20: “Thinking is the true business of life.”

Interesting that we spend years in traditional classroom settings memorizing information to pass tests when the subject of thinking is rarely, if at all mentioned. At this point in the MKE, we recognize this is part of the cement
or societies’ conditioning.

Haanel also emphasizes that the true job of our Will Power is not to coerce ourselves to complete tasks in the external world, but to use our Will Power to direct our thoughts so we are in conscious cooperation with the Universal; the pathway to living a blissful, harmonious life.

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Loriann Toplak

This week really spoke with me. I have a few amazing days in my week – exactly those where I complete my homework first thing, look at my A, and DO IT NOW! I feel amazing once it’s complete and the

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Brittany Benson

I experienced a situation recently where someone had kept secrets from me, and I felt very angry. I had all sorts of negative thoughts run through my mind that I directed toward myself, rather than the other person because I knew

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What a difference a few weeks makes. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made many changes to sharpen up my DMP. Those changes, along with deleting the future tense from Scroll 5, prompted me to re-record my morning message. That’s

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Terri Brewer

The Power Within So excited to read this week’s Hannel. At the end of sections 20-11, Hannel writes: ‘…we shall have found that the “kingdom of heaven” which we are told is “within” us…. “In Him, we live and move and

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Michael Selves

What a great presentation Mark J did about making the main thing the main thing. His presentation about the hedgehog and the fox resonated in me. I have been in a business crossroad where the decisions just haven’t been a clear

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Leonard Diana

This week’s virtue is Persistence. Its definition is: 1. The act of persisting. 2. The state or quality of being persistent; persistency. 3. Continuance of an effect after the cause is removed. Again, being intentional is key. Taking notice when you

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Stefanie Hoffa

This week’s webinar and Haneel lesson really hit home (and I feel like I say this every week, but hey, it’s true!) I’ve been thinking all week of how to use the emotions that keep us in our comfort zones to

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Mary Andersen

Through the work we’ve done and are doing here, much of our focus is on our thoughts. We are encouraged to substitute one thought for another from time to time. We are encouraged to think thoughts that are in alignment with

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LaDonna Jordan

This week I am swimming the strokes to stay afloat. I tried to control my emotions, remain positive however, the currents of Life hit. I am still in gratitude with my life knowing this too shall pass. I remain movement, knowing

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There can be so much gathered and spoken of in our reading of part 20 of The Master Key System as well as our focus on the tools for expansion. I was deeply touched by the reminder of the Omnipresent God

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Suzette Willems

Being born in the tropics, the colder seasons have always been close to my heart. My favourite season is fall as it means the air will be cool as well as crisp, the leaves will change colours then fall and the

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Mike Sambuco

This was a rough week for me. Came home solo to deal with house issues, got discouraged, plus not feeling well. Lost my motivation and resolve for daily assignment work for several days before getting back on top of it. With

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I’ve been slacking big time. I had plastic surgery on my face a couple of days ago, (which was in my DMP btw!) I chose to do local anesthesia (awake during surgery) because general anesthesia (asleep) would have been an additional

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This week finds me a little different than the several last to pass… or maybe it’s more indifferent? I guess that I’m not certain on which it is or if it’s possibly even both. That doesn’t mean that I’m confused by

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Ann-Charlotte Stewart

Slowly, slowly I saw it all come to an end. The end has been a long process, just like the beginning. They have both been going on forever it seems. Is there a definite time when the apple decides to finally

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Planning is not a strength of mine yet. I am good at planning a day at work. Looking ahead farther than an eight- or twelve-hour shift has never been a priority. I’ll make travel reservations for flights, lodging, and rental cars.

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Heather Pasqualini

Life is a delicate balance. Of time. Of energy. Of focus. If we live by the compass and not by the clock, things that are unimportant start to lose focus while the things that are most important start to surface to

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Are you breathing right now? Every time you breathe, you fill your lungs with air and the at the same time, vitalize your body with LIFE itself. Haanel 20.24 Pneuma is a Greek word that translates as Breath. It means a

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Aschel Gregory

Sometimes when the world gives you something, you actually need that thing and it is less about what you choose than what you are given. Other times it is important to choose the thing you want. I am there now. Trying

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Michael Selves

It was certainly a crazy and busy week for me and business. I did not get a chance to even think about unplugging and taking a few days for myself to drop off the network. I did however had the concept

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Dan Horvath

This process through the Master Key Experience has been joyous, fun, interesting, and a bit mysterious as I stretch myself to change things that were habits and thoughts I’ve had for 40+ years. The positive outlook I have on life today

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