MKE Week 12 – Feel Like Hibernating

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This is a blog post that has long been needed. I have been slumbering in all my little tasks through the holidays. Don’t get me wrong this was not a time for idle work, just quite a bit of nesting. Spending time with the kids while they were home. Creating a masterpiece of decorations, wrapping, good eats, and warm regards. I absolutely love my family. Even though all the tasks in getting ready for Christmas are time consuming it is a labor of love.

As far as my MKE tasks though, I felt froze along with the 15+ inches of snow and the frigid temperatures. With every step I was stuck in heavy snow unable to make the next step. With every turn I had mishap after mishap sabotaging me with every move. With computers breaking down, and all my papers put away with no access and worse of all not even remembering how to get a blog posted. I felt there was an evil doer amongst my midst. That is why I am taking this time to catch up. I woke up today with a new found energy given to me no doubt by non other than the creator himself. My subconscious was saying “don’t take this all on at once, give yourself this time to concentrate on your family”. Or maybe just an old blueprint making it impossible for me to quadrupole task. Either way, I am still in the game and this year is going to be better than ever!

I am ready to shake off the heavy laden snow filled branches, shake out my boots and claim my God given right to have all that he has laid out for me. Today in my “SIT” I imagined me as I already am that which God has seen from the day I was born. His beautiful child with unlimited potential.

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  • Great job on taking one step forward, then another, then another. And I am glad you could really be present with your family as well.

  • Bravo, Heather! Glad you had a wonderful holiday with family and that you’re ready to go!

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