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The number 12 certainly has an impressive history, and its impact on our lives is unquestioned. From 12 months to 12 inches in a foot and for many more reasons eluding my understanding, it represents themes of great significance. So, I was not too shocked to find that Chapter 12 packed a walloping punch of meaning.

The introduction could be the climactic act as Haanel immediately discloses the just of the whole matter at hand; “ First have the knowledge of your Power, second the courage to dare, third the Faith to do.”

Next, he certifies the power of concentration, the strength of its force, and that knowledge is applied by fertilizing it with a living purpose (DMP). Mesmerized by this, I continue on and in 12.4 he reveals the practical path toward its attainment; ETERNAL VIGILANCE. At 12.8 &9, he debunks society’s presentation of what success looks like and declares that TRUE riches lay in our ability to adjust to the Divine nature via the use of our mental faculties, thus opening the watershed of infinite possibilities.

12.10-16 I am especially fond of as Haanel relates that the improper use of the abilities of mind may captivate, but will surely retaliate with a grim fate for the perpetrator. Great power necessitates Great restraint, and each individual is the owner of their vital force and is not dependent upon another for its animation.

Waves of refreshment come next when Haanel expresses that the proper use of the mind is inexorably tied to the Law of Love, and that thought impregnated with Love is invincible. The definition of Love closest to my heart is the one found in Vines Expository, which describes Love as an unceasing quest to bring good into the lives of all. So, as I build thought forces with the tool of concentration based on Love, I am assured harmony with the infinite and will be a conduit of “ irresistible force. “

12.27 shows my personal abode is had in absolute silence; still working on that, but the pull of its gravity induces ecstasy electrified. Of course, the actual finale in this week’s reading is the exercise where a clear-cut, step-by-step model into the silence is suggested. I don’t know why the number 12 was chosen to represent such weighty matters, but Haanel is certainly in step with that theme in Chapter 12 of his Master Key System.

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  • Greg, you sure are able to analyze and relate this material in ways that I don’t! (Love your love definition.)

  • I know that this post will mean a lot to you years from now as your daily practice has taken you to ever deepening awarenesses about the truths in this lesson of Haanel. Congrats on being detailed and so thoughtful for your own journaling–and to help so many others. Great job!

  • Thank you for your perspective on Lesson 12, Gregory. You are right, 12 has a lot of punch! And I love you definition of Love – awesome!

  • Geez, Greg, you make me want to go back and read Chapter 12 again; just to capture some of the finer nuances I may have missed the first time around. As usual, a blog worth reading over and over! 🙂

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