MKE Week 12 – Tribe Members UNITE!

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This last weekend was so fun getting to meet & hang out with another MKE member! Leonard contacted Stefanie & I that he was going to be near us over the weekend. As we made plans to meet, the excitement to be able to hang out, hug, laugh & enjoy the fellowship of another member of our MKE family in person, just kept building.

Finally the evening arrived & we headed out to meet Leonard. On the way we talked about MKE & we did a Marco Polo in Stefanie’s tribe as to what was about to happen. Leonard had also done his own Polo from the hotel.

As we arrived at the hotel we stopped by the bathrooms to freshen up. As I waited for Stefanie, she came out of the bathroom at the same time as Leonard & that was their first encounter in person……it was hilarious!!! We had a great laugh, we introduced ourselves to one another & exchanged hugs.

As the night went on we all reminisced about our MKE journeys regarding how we’ve all grown, learned & changed. We all had our Og books, note cards & other MKE training tools. We shared about the activities & how they have started to have more & more impacts on us. It was priceless to sit & talk with like-minded people & see & feel the pure joy & power in the room because of the shared experiences in MKE.

As we wrapped up the night the time just seemed to fly, but the experience & moment together will never ever be forgotten. We plan on meeting again soon.
I am so blessed to have been able to go with Stefanie to meet Leonard & share the love, respect & power that we are all experiencing.

The conversation was one of an abundant treasure that Mark, Davene & all of our leaders have chosen to share with all of us & for this I am so eternally grateful & humble. I pray that I can meet other members in person as we all change & grow together.

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  • This is so awesome! What a wonderful thing to meet up, there is nothing like that personal connection and a hug in person.

  • That is wonderful, Jake, I would love to meet some MKE members too, but I am far away from most of you. I can still feel the joy and excitement through your words and that makes me so very happy.

  • I’m sure that was a great experience. I get great pleasure from text, calls and Marco Polo calls. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jake! The three of you are so lucky to share this experience. How fun! Wish I lived close to the members in my group!

  • Wonderful post, honey! We had such a wonderful weekend with Leonard! Looking forward to having many more in person masterminds with these wonderful group of people!

  • Fabulous post! It is the BEST to spend time with like minded folks when all the ‘like minds’ are positive and loving – super!

  • MKE Magic happens when we are blessed to meet up in person. I’ll always be grateful for my visit to Nancy O’s hometown and our 5K “Hero Hustle”…. it all started with saying Yes to ourselves as members in the MasterKey experience.

  • Thanks, Jake, for sharing this momentous occasion with us, and as far as I can tell, you’re the first to publish a Week 12 blog! 🙂

  • Wonderful post Jake! I too can relate to meeting fellow MKE members and the genuine, heartfelt connections that exist between people who are willing to say Yes to their Hero’s journey. So thrilled for you all! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us.

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