MKE Week 12 – Reading My One Sentence DMP

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This week we were given a powerful assignment midway through Sunday’s class.

Mark instructed us to go to the mirror and repeat our one sentence DMP out loud to our reflection for 50 minutes!

I kept an open mind even though I was not sure what to expect when I took the card into my powder room and began the assignment.

As the minutes went by I could begin to feel a shift in my energy around the words in the sentence. It felt like I was in a room with a strong electric presence, one that would raise the hair on your arm and tingle through you. I did not expect to feel energetic layers like that from a simple task like repeating one sentence with enthusiasm for almost an hour straight.

Before the call, I felt like I was on a roller coaster with my subconscious. There were a lot of times this week when I just wanted to give up and go back into my comfort zone of doing the minimum, giving in to distractions and set aside the new habits I was learning for old comfortable ones.

This exercise though, showed me that if I persist towards my goal, by continuing to embrace the energy of emotions around what I want, that I really can do this… I can stay the course and see it through.

I am so proud of myself that I stayed with this exercise because although the beginning was not easy and I felt the urge to stop several times, I am really inspired by what I saw and felt as I did it. This is one of those exercises I’d like to complete again.

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  • Wow, Sarah! It is indeed a very powerful exercise, yet so simple. I am happy you actually felt the strong energies so vivid and physical. Imagine all the strong good vibrant energies you create by being persistent every day even if you don’t notice them so clearly. You are doing so good Sarah!

  • Sarah, I suggest you continue to persist. For just as the electric energy made your hairs stand at attention, so your description did mine! 🙂

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