MKE Week 12 – People Are Because We Think

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Have you ever been curious about where things originated? Someone somewhere had to think about an idea that had never been created. This concept is easy to understand if we talk about technology. Cars, flying, harnessing electricity, bridges, buildings, I could really go on and on. Abstract ideas like religion, politics, art, language seem like they have been around as long as there has been written history, yet they evolve and change over the years, decades and centuries as people think.

This week’s lesson talks about ”3 steps to eternal vigilance we can use to combat fear, anxiety and discouragement which can undermine the power of our thought. The first is having knowledge of our power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.” We can then use thought to create our ideal life.

Haanel then talks about how important it is for us to have laser sharp focus of our ideal to create it. Earlier in our coursework, we learned that if we focus the sunlight through a magnifying glass on something it will generate the heat necessary to burn a substance, but if we continually wave the magnifying glass around, it does nothing. This is true with our thought, we must focus with intensity to create the things we desire.

Another component which gives thought it’s true power is love. Love gives our thought true power because it encompasses feeling and desire which when all are present, our thought are translated into reality.

All of these things are necessary, however it all begins with the “thought”.

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