MKE Week 12 – Moving with Patience, Thankfulness and Self-Love

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This week I focused on being thankful for the things in my life no matter how small.

I used visualization to manifest a pleasant or happy thought which made me smile and forget about the negative challenges which occurred throughout the week.

I also practiced more self-love with allowing myself simple pleasures for myself without feeling guilty or selfish for treating myself to a good meal with any food I craved.

I felt this week I deserve all good things because I earned it. I will continue to be thankful to God and his many blessings. I know only good things are manifesting in my life.

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  • That is so important to not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Thanks for sharing your week.

  • Great insight, LaDonna, reminding us that the small things count! Actually, one could say that the little things count more than the big things, since it seems to me we have more of them than the bigger things.

    I’m guessing subby doesn’t distinguish between big and little – it just registers the feeling. And the more often it receives the feeling, the more often our 4 trillion helpers act on it, connecting it with the Universal Mind Energy that brings us what we choose to manifest.

    My new affirmation is ” I am grateful for what I have” – which includes that cup of coffee I’m having right at this moment!

  • Donna! I am loving your self-love and appreciation. Hoping to get some of those vibes too!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Great ideas, LaDonna! Subby doesn’t know the difference between a “big” and “small” thing. I think being grateful for as much as we can is a Master Key – especially for the “small” stuff, since we probably experience more of that than the “big” stuff!

  • Hi LaDonna, It’s great that you are using visualization to manifest happy thoughts. I enjoyed your post.

  • LaDonna – giving yourself permission & focusing on self love. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and leading by example.

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