MKE Week 12 – Mental Diet, Index Cards, and My Cousin

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This week was a struggle. I was lucky enough to have a cousin visit this week from New York. The last time I saw her was in 1999, and she was fifteen. Even though I did not remember her from 1999, having her here in Honolulu was an absolute pleasure. It was her first trip to Hawaii, so a fair amount of sightseeing she wanted to do. My brother Jim took care of most of that, but I did my part too. She was here for a week, and I wish it could have been longer.

I was preoccupied and could have done better on my MKE assignments. I missed quite a few readings and the new index cards I did not write out. On the way to an early morning hike, the tire pressure light on my car came on. I had to start my mental diet over as we had to go to two gas stations to find one with an air pump. It took another gas station and a Starbucks to find a bathroom. After the four stops, we finally made it to the trail. We had a great hike with great views from the top. We finished in time for her to shower, pack and get to the airport later that day.

I had a great week. I did not get this blog done or my index cards. I missed readings and had to start my mental diet over. It was all okay because sometimes there are more important things than assignments.

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  • I’m glad you made your visit with your cousin a priority, what a wonderful experience for you both. And I see you are catching up on the blogging, good for you!

  • Glad to hear you experienced such memorable quality time with your cousin John. Good job on being aware of your MKE mental exercises- friendly reminder from this moment going forward, to only focus energy and attention on all that you are positively thinking and doing; applying the Law of Growth- what we focus on grows. Cheering you on!

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