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I was not as focused as I would have liked to be this week. There have been major changes around my work that required more attention than I would have liked, and that is what work is like from time to time. As I finally got at chance to sit back on Friday night and reflect on the events of the week, I got to see how far I have come with the Master Key Experience.

“First things first” is one of my lines on the index cards. Part of my new blueprint for my life. That is when I realized that a good majority of the issues at work was caused by me running my new blueprint. When you find out that you are no longer working the way everyone else wants you to, you find some freedom and peace of mind. What it does cause is other people not being as happy for now they are finding that the work being done for them is really their own work, and they are now having to do the work for themselves.

I am enjoying the newfound time that I have reclaimed and making decisions daily that will grow my business and myself. Hanel in 12-4 said “The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward,” and that is exactly what I have been achieving”.

I can see now that the results of my work life was the only outcome possible as getting my independence was part of my daily thoughts on Liberty, one of my PPNs. I continue to work at the productive level that I expect from myself and give my all every day. I also see the day where I part from this job and venture out on my own, sooner than later. And when I do, I will realize that the Universal Mind will deliver the manifestation I have and give me the one degree of separation I am looking for.

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  • First things first. Simple, yet powerful! It’s a great companion to Do It Now!! I’m going to add that one, too! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Wow, just wow Michael. Don’t know if there is much more I can say. Very happy for you and the life you are creating!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your Hero’s Journey Michael! It seems profound changes happen. And thank you for “First thing first”. It is a good reminder to me, as a yellow.

  • Beautiful Michael, and so inspiring for me. First things first, and the only way to not slide backwards is, like you and Haanel say, to keep on moving forward with that new, sparkling and brilliant Divine Blue Print!

  • Inspiring post Michael! You are applying the MasterKey skills and observing your own growth. I encourage you to hold your magnifying glass steady on your DMP, what you want your Life to be. Other people’s opinions, ideas, and reactions are theirs- hopefully they will have the courage to answer their own call and ask you….Hey Michael, I’ve noticed something different about you…you seem to really be on a roll and really enjoying life..what’s going on??? Then you can share a glimpse of the MasterKey Experience with them…. if not, just apply Scroll 2 and send Love their way. Great post- thanks for sharing part of your Journey with us.

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